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Fantastic Beasts 'Olympics' Trailer and more

New Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them extended TV spot debuted during Olympic broadcast!

"They’re not actually vintage," Redmayne told Condé Nast Traveler at the OMEGA House Opening Night event at the 2016 Rio Olympics on August 6. "I wish there was some kind of wondrous story. But, I have a couple of Globe-Trotter cases and they just look like classic, simple suitcases."...
"There was a slightly embarrassing moment when I went for a meeting with David Yates," revealed Redmayne. "I didn’t know anything about what the film was, but I went with my little suitcase because its what I carry my work in." 
He added, "As he began to tell me the story of the film, he said there would be a suitcase that was going to be an essential element to my character. I was then really embarrassed that he might think I’d turned up dressed as the character in costume. But the cases are so durable, and they get better with age." In fact, the suitcases are so durable that the Danish Girl star even uses them as impromptu furniture. "You can multi-task on the cases and even sit on them," he noted. "If there’s no room on a tube platform you can just sit down. It’s quite a malleable thing."

...‘Eddie and I had great chemistry right away,...We improvised in character at the first audition and I think that really helped me get the part.’ Dan is a comedian as well, so off-the-cuff material comes to him naturally. ‘I was really comfortable with [Eddie]. It really matters to have someone his character gets along with. Jacob had to be someone likable enough to get under Newt’s skin and make him start to think there’s more to life than magical creatures.’
According to Dan, the unique pairing between his and Eddie’s characters is obvious from the moment they get into costume. Eddie gets into Newt's slightly-too-short-for-him trousers, his peacock blue jacket, has his hair arranged to one side and grabs his magical case. 
Meanwhile Fogler dons Jacob's not perfectly fitting three-piece suit with a grey waistcoat and red tie, strokes his moustache and has his hair parted and gelled. They’re an unlikely pair and that’s all part of the charm. 
‘Once we get in costume, and we’re standing together, there’s definitely a Laurel and Hardy thing going on,’ says Dan. ‘Or maybe Abbott and Costello. Sherlock and Watson, even! Just from a collective unconscious standpoint, the audience could imprint their favorite duo onto us and it works really nicely.’ 
Newt and Jacob duck and weave through the film’s suspenseful plot, yet somehow maintain that lightness between them. ‘It’s like music,’ says Dan. ‘Eddie’s playing this really delightful, classically trained, soulful sound and I’m throwing some Brooklyn jazz over the top of it and it sounds good.’ 
Dan tells me this film is his ‘big break’. It’s the coolest, scariest project he’s worked on and alongside Eddie Redmayne, no less. Back when Dan was auditioning for the part, Eddie had just won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in The Theory of Everything. 
Affectionately he says, ‘I’m a fan of his. It was just really great to be around an actor who is going to be knighted some day.It’s amazing to be surrounded by people who make you better. I feel like this was, by far, the best creative experience I’ve ever had and it’s the best work I’ve ever done. I’m so excited for it to just come out already!’

...The fall issue of Entertainment Weekly revealed the Harry Potter author viewed a very rough cut of the first installment all by herself in a private screening room somewhere in the UK, and gave her thoughts to Yates about it beyond the Twitter update she posted.
On J.K. Rowling's first screening of Fantastic Beasts this past spring:
J.K. Rowling went into the screening room, alone. director David Yates waited outside. The situation was pretty unusual. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them wasn’t anywhere close to finished, and Yates typically would never show a cut of a film that’s full of crude animation to somebody of the Harry Potter author’s importance, but he wanted to know if his team was on the right track. “We were all very nervous,” Yates recalls of this April screening. “We waited and waited.” When Rowling finally emerged, she found Yates in his editing room, where she made him wait some more. For about a minute, she couldn’t say anything. “The film is very emotional,” Yates explains. “The end, in particular, is quite tender and moving.” And then? “She was very happy.”
After the screening, Rowling did of course give some notes to Yates about the project, on how better to fit it into her Wizarding World.

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