Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eddie interviewed about 'The Danish Girl' and how he deals with his success - video

“I count my lucky stars, really…It’s beyond expectation…Yeah! It absolutely is. I just wanted to do plays, and see what happened, see if I could keep up employment…you know… there are so many…so many people wanna be actors and there are such few parts…tricky…tricky tray…so frankly getting to remain employed…but to play people as extraordinary as Lili, is a great…very lucky.”

Eddie at the Governors Ball with Hannah and Oscar after he won in 2015 - my gifset

“Oh God!…I haven’t watched that back, because I think I was just…as I remember things, so overwhelmed 
with like…I think I behaved like a child. I’m sure it’s pretty embarrassing…It like…makes me sweat even thinking about it, but…It was an exceptional thing, and I don’t…noone tells you how one’s meant to behave, you just sort of…You’re trying to take it all in, but it’s too much stimulus to really be able to content with I think.” 
- Eddie Redmayne on going out on the stage with Oscar in hand. - my gifset on tumblr

Video: Eddie Redmayne interview about 'Tha Danish Girl' and his success

Pictures: my screenshots from the video

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