Monday, September 5, 2016

Now I have to take care of myself...beautiful scenes from The Danish Girl

I made a few new gifs from the movie. You get a glimpse of how magnificent is Eddie Redmayne in this role. The first scene.was used as Eddie's Oscar clip in February (I was pleased, I think his acting here is excellent.) By this time in the story Lili found her true self and she wants to finish the transformation as soon as possible. She knows that this means the end of their marriage.

(Lili gets her coat and Gerda’s wool wrap.
But as Lili heads for the door)
LILI (cont’d) You know sometimes I wonder why
you let me go through all this if you thought everything would be the same afterwards.
(Gerda’s wrongfooted…)
GERDA I didn’t. But I promised Einar
I’d take care of you.
LILI For goodness’ sake, Gerda - Einar is dead.
We both have to accept that. You took care of me, now I have to take care of myself. I have to have a life of my own. And you need to do the same.
(Lili calls the dog, heads for the door, and is gone. Gerda is left alone to process this exchange…)

Movie script
Fanmade video: 

LILI  He’s just a friend, Gerda. Someone to talk to.
GERDA (without rancour)
Because you can’t talk to me.
Gerda pours wine for Lili. She accepts the glass.
LILI About some things, no.
Gerda lifts her glass, proposing a muted toast, but
Lili has something more on her mind...
LILI (cont’d) I’ve made a decision. I’m going back
to Dresden. For the second operation.
(Gerda’s blood runs cold.)
GERDA It’s too soon.
LILI No, it’s time. I need to finish what I started.
GERDA You’re not strong enough…
LILI Professor Warnekros thinks I am…
GERDA Warnekros…? He hasn’t seen you.
LILI I’ve made up my mind.
(Gerda shakes her head, disbelief…)
GERDA It could kill you.
LILI (CONT’D) I’m going on Friday.
Will you come with me?
(Gerda’s mind races to absorb the announcement…)
GERDA I won’t help you to hurt yourself.
(Lili bites down on it:)
LILI Gerda, will you come…?

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