Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hungarian Mozimánia Magazin 2016 November - Fantastic Beasts cover, poster and article

Ahead of the Hungarian release on 17th November, Mozimánia Magazin has Fantastic Beasts cover, poster 
and article in the November 2016 issue. They chose the film's images as their facebook profile and cover pics 
this month. This means, that they considered the movie the most anticipated premiere in November. In the article 
(by Nagy Dániel) producer David Heyman, director David Yates and Eddie Redmayne talk about the movie, the 
first of five. I translated some interesting parts (marked on the scans with underscore), that you can read below. 

"Rowling also worked with us during the casting. The choice of the protagonist was a common decision too."...
"Eddie was our first choice, we wanted him. He portrays the slightly eccentric characters very well, he has the ability to make them lovable, with whom the audiences can empathize, identify with. He'll bring the characters true self. 
I think both men and women like him. In addition he's a timeless actor, so he fits perfectly the 1920s New York."
- David Heyman producer

"This movie's as if it were an adult version of the Harry Potter films. You discover quite different colors in it. Sometimes capricious, sometimes fun, and occasionally very melancholic" - told David Yates..."These two worlds are connected. Some characters are present in both. For example we hear about Dumbledore in the film...he's a teacher at Hogwarts. The scene written by Jo is really cute. The young Dumbledore is a really fascinating figure. Extremely funny, a real rascal and sometimes behaves like a political beast."
...Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne's name can be one with Newt Scamander. Redmayne says he quickly became familiar with the character and now he's very fond of Newt.
"He's a cheerful character and slightly teasing. He can find the common ground better with the fantastic beasts, than humans. He gained some wound in his relationships and became self-contained. This film among others also describes, how he opens up again towards his fellow people." - Redmayne told about Newt...
"I'm very lucky  to be able to meet Jo before we started filming. Therefore I owe her a lot. As an actor obviously I wanted to know everything about Newt, exactly who he is, but we had only one hour for this. She said I can ask anything I want about him. I noticed, that she adores the characters she created." - revealed Redmayne.

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