Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2 Oscar Noms for Fantastic Beasts - Costume and Production Design

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them earned 2 Oscar Nominations (x)

 Congratulations to Colleen Atwood, Stuart Craig and Anna Pinnock!
Full list of nominees - Announcement video
Oscars Commerical 2017: What's Your Dream?

on the set

(FB featurette)


Read more on Pottermore: 

Fantastic Beasts has its own New York City
"...how to make a magnificent replica city so many miles and so many years from the original. Here's a very big clue: get the best creatives in the business involved."
Creating the New York skyline
Step inside MACUSA
Stuart Craig interview

Dressing the Goldstein sisters: a closer look at 1920s witch fashion
"Colleen Atwood talks about her vision of witch fashion in the 1920s." - (Photo)
Colleen Atwood brings a ‘touch of glamour' to Colin Farrell's costume
...the best dressed wizard in the wizarding world
Colleen Atwood interview
FantasticBeasts cast costumes have been displayed in the U.S. at NYC Comic Con
Costumes on display at London Studio Tour

“Her enhanced versions of period clothing amplify character traits — menace, flamboyance, innocence. That’s the costume designer’s kind of magic, a design sleight of hand that reveals secrets of personality lurking in the cloth.” - The LA Times (x) via

Love this edit (source: Newt Scamander UK on Twitter)

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