Sunday, March 5, 2017

Men's Style AU interview - Fantastic Beasts audiobook sample

Drew Turney meets Eddie Redmayne, actor, Oscar winner, brand ambassador and clothes horse 
to discuss all those things and his most recent film, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
(Quotes from the Men’s Style Australia Summer 2017/17 issue)

“Do I have a plan?” he laughs when Men’s Style asks about his seemingly backwards career 
trajectory. “I love the idea that actors have any choice whatsoever. We’re literally lucky to get 
employment. There were six or seven other actors who were offered the part for The Theory of 
Everything and I was lucky enough that they turned it down. I fought for it and got it and it just 
happens that it worked. Suddenly you’re on a list for a moment, but that’ll all shift and change 
in a year’s time.”… 
“You have to fight for all the [projects] you want that are outside people’s expectation of who you 
are,” he says. “Otherwise you end up being cast in the same thing again and again and again. 
You’re always trying to prove the people who have preconceptions of who you are wrong.”… 

Pottermore’s highly anticipated audiobook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, 
becomes available on Audible on March 14. And ET has an exclusive first peek -- 
or listen, rather -- the passage about basilisks at Eddie Redmayne’s delightful narration.

In addition to Redmayne's narration, the audio version of Fantastic Beasts, which has been
revised by Rowling, features six new beasts as well a new foreword by Scamander. (x)

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