Sunday, April 16, 2017

New photo from Perugia

Fans met Eddie Redmayne and his family in Perugia Italy on Saturday. Eddie covered the head of his 
10 month old daughter with his hand as he posed for a photo. He's  on vacation with Hannah and Iris.

Arianna was excited when she accidentally met Eddie while walking in Perugia, before lunch 
around 12.30. Hannah went ahead, so she didn't have opportunity to take photo with her too. 
aripas_: Eddie Redmayne, e me, in una stessa foto, con la mia mano sulla sua spalla...
Comunque si è veramente una persona dolcissima e molto umile!
(Eddie Redmayne and me on the same photo, with my hand on his shoulder...
Anyway he's really a very sweet and very humble person!)

Later she commented (x)
Ho provato a spiccicare qualche parola in inglese per congratularmi con lui, ma piangevo, tremavo, ed ero troppo nervosa quindi non so come son riuscita a gestire bene la situazione ahah! Ma per come sia andata penso che lui 
mi abbia capito, mi ha ringraziato e mezzo abbracciato anche se aveva Iris in collo! È stato dolcissimo. 
(I tried to utter a few words in English to congratulate him, but I was crying, I was shaking, and I was too nervous so 
I do not know how I managed to handle the situation well haha! But for how things went I think he understood me, thanked me and hugged the middle even though he had Iris in his neck! It was very sweet.)

She wrote that Iris resembles to Hannah, she's blonde with big blue eyes.

The other girl Ilaria posted the black and white version of the photo on instagram and commented:
_giglia__: "Edward? Yeees" Un onore stringergli la mano (An honor to shake his hand)
...sai qual'è l'assurdo? Nessuno attorno a lui l'ha riconosciuto! Sembrava un normale turista proprio perché 
è passato praticamente inosservato e irriconosciuto ( know what is the absurd? No one around him
recognized him! It seemed just a normal tourist because has gone virtually unnoticed and unrecognized)

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According to  Live Gubbio Eddie was seen walking with Hannah and Iris, on Friday afternoon to Corso Garibaldi and entering in a store buying somethings among which a rosemary plant. Despite his casual wear and caps, it was recognized and some guys asked him to sit all together for a photo, and then, he was free and unnoticed for the little town.

Click for full size!

URBINO, MARCHE probably on Monday…
According to this newspaper Eddie and his family were in Urbino on Monday. First they went to Urbino's Borgo mercatale where Eddie was trying to understand how to pay the parking, then he went to visit Urbino and Palazzo Ducale where he has been recognized. 

The Oscar winner...has been successfully addressed to the ticket office, and has been recognized. Redmayne along with his wife and daughter went to visit the Palazzo Ducale. (Prince's Palace),  where he would pass apparently unnoticed.
The couple went to see the National Gallery of Marche.

Redmayne has been for days in places of the duchy of Urbino, they stayed in Gubbio (if I understood correctly - let me know in a comment if I'm wrong). He and his family couldn't miss a visit to Urbino.

The next day on Tuesday he was recognized on Ryanair fly at 8.40 am, from Ancona to London (x)

Updated on April 20, 2017

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