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TBT - Eddie in ARENA magazine September 2008

Source and original scan in better quality here

The Other Boleyn Girl still (
I browsed the archive of last weekend
(one of Eddie's earliest fans - if not the earliest). She was sort of fan since 2002, when she saw him in Twelfth Night, and addicted since January 2004. Her blog is amazing. She posted a scan of the Eddie Redmayne interview by Hollie Moat, published in Arena Magazine. 
We could read in other interviews about his incestuous roles in
'The Goat or Who is Sylvia' or 'Savage Grace', how his brothers
turned up in theatre solely to poke fun of him and how Scarlett
Johansson educated him in film, but I think maybe the part about Eddie's first meeting with Scarlett and his audition for '10,000 BC' maybe will be amusing and new for many of you.

"The first time I met her," he sighs, "the director said: 'Eddie, this
is Scarlett, just pretend you're really happily married, and if at any
point you think it would be good to kiss her, just do it.'
I just started hyperventilating."

"One of the most humiliating moments of my career was auditioning
for 10,000 BC," he says. "I said, 'seriously guys, it's just not going to
happen. A moley, fair-skinned Anglo Saxon does not work with
loin-cloth and pan-Asian epic.'"

Photo by Nick Hartley (x)

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