Thursday, August 24, 2017

TBT - Fan adventure in a flight to Toronto

therealchrissyhofbeck (x): #tbt b/c every August I have to re-post 
my snuggle time with this cutie #oscarwinner #eddieredmayne who 
was delightful and sweet (even to a crazy mom fan in the airport)!

She also wrote in a comment: " we were on the same JetBlue flight to Toronto 
a couple years ago. It was a pretty empty flight & we talked for awhile, mostly 
about him playing Jack in my favorite book of all time (#pillarsoftheearth). 
Taking this selfie was a comedy routine in itself which is why by the end we 
had our arms around each other cracking up. He was just terrific”
(gif source: iloveeddieredmayne)

I asked Chrissie about when they met, she wrote, that it was around 2010-2011.
Based on Eddie's look I think maybe it was in 2010, when Eddie was in New York
playing Ken in Red on Broadway. I can only guess. Most likely he went up to
Toronto for a My Week With Marilyn screen test with Michelle Williams, who
was filming 'Take This Walz' there at the time. This may have been in August,
because filming started in July 2010. (Less likely, he travelled to TIFF in 2011)

What made me think this?

Eddie talked about how he became involved with the ‘My Week With Marilyn project: “I came across the project, I was actually in New York doing a play and I was sent the script, I had studied Art History at University, so I knew a bit about Kenneth Clark who was Colin Clark's dad, so I had heard about that sort of background and so that kind of spiked my curiosity as well and then read the script and realized I had a weird amount in common with this guy and got really engaged with it and then I auditioned for Simon and then Michelle was filming in Toronto, and went up there and we had a screen test there and from then on it was the most wonderful ride...”

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