Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Casting rumor - Eddie to play Fagin in Oliver

The Sun reported Sunday night, that Eddie Redmayne is in promising talks for his next musical, 
he's in line to play Fagin in new film of musical Oliver! — and could be joined on set by Adele, 
who has also been approached to star as kind-hearted Nancy in the reboot of the Dickens classic.. 
The movie will be produced by SIR CAMERON MACKINTOSH and Working Title Films, who 
together helped make Les Mis. - You find the article here.

Eddie said in The Graham Norton Show: “If you were 11 years old and wanted to be an actor I feel 
like everyone in England at some point played someone in Oliver! and wanted to be in the gang. 
“I only got the part as workhouse boy No46 but I did an audition and I still remember the dance.”
This could be a passion project, another childhood favorite, challenging role for him, interesting 
prospect, but the news isn’t official yet, so we’ll see what happens. - GNS 2014 posts on tumblr

How Eddie could look as Fagin? (x)

Fagin is the fictional character from Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, the leader of a group 
of children (including the Artful Dodger and Oliver) whom he teaches to make their livings 
by pickpocketing and other criminal activities, in exchange for shelter. (Metro)

Alec Guiness‘s portrayal in David Lean‘s 1948 version of Oliver Twist still remains the 
benchmark by which other ‘Fagins’ are judged. As he was only 36 at the time, Guinness 
had to undergo heavy make-up in order to look convincing as the miserly old crook, so 
it’s likely that, at 35, Redmayne will have to do the same. If he’s as similar in his 
performance level as he is in age, it’ll be well worth the effort. (roobla)

Eddie proved his singing skills in the 2012 film version of Les Miserables.

 Eddie with Hugh Jackman, Amanda Seyfried and the barricade boys on the set
My gifset - Behind the scenes video
source - source video in English

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