Saturday, October 7, 2017

Eddie Redmayne in Paris - Fantastic Beasts 2 news

This lucky fan met him at the Gare du (source: lee.hye.ji. on IG)
It seems like they start to shoot the Paris scenes of the movie. Are they?
More photos from Paris 7th - 8th October 2017

Lucky fans met Eddie Redmayne at the Café de Flore in Paris. Eddie was previously spotted 
there in April 2016, when he spent some time in Paris with Hannah. (source @ngap on IG)

 irene.guerrini_events: Incontri...."Fantastici"!!!! "Fantastic" meetings!!! 😍🔝🎬🎥

A woman tweeted, that her cousin saw Eddie with Hannah on Sunday-
According to a fan, he already left Paris Sunday night (source). It seems 
like it was only a short trip, I wonder when they start shooting there.

There are some other news too about the second Fantastic Beasts movie. 
New cast members have been announced 
Read more on Pottermore:

The first promo image: a denied travel permit for Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander (x)
We know now, that Newt is 6'1" tall and his birthday is on 24th February.

Colin Farrell was spotted in London with Graves haircut. Is Graves return in FB2?
Carmen Ejogo posted a pic on IG, it seems like she will return in the sequel too as
MACUSA President Seraphina Picquery.

There were some rumors about the recast of Grindelwald, but I also read in a reply,
on Twitter, that Johnny Depp was on the set with Eddie Redmayne on Friday


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    1. According to a fan Eddie already left Paris Sunday night. I wonder when they start shooting there.

    2. One more fanpic from the Café de Flore


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