Saturday, October 7, 2017

For the World Smile Day

I didn't know it was World Smile Day yesterday, I should have make a post for the occasion, but better late,
than never. Let's smile. I wish you a very happy smiley weekend with some charming smiling pictures of
Eddie Redmayne. He has the most beautiful heart-warming smile in the World.

Eddie in Venice 5th September 2015, as I remember him.

Photo by Ruven Afanador for Flaunt Magazine (2012) (x)

Tom Hooper on what made him cast Eddie as Marius in Les Mis ( Flaunt):
"Well, Eddie [REDMAYNE] has an extraordinary emotional range and precision
of  feeling as an actor ... but I needed a Marius that Cosette could legitimately
fall in love with at first sight. Well, (HOOPER takes a dramatic beat), according
to all the girls I checked with, we are okay on that score. "

Eddie as Stephen Waysford in Birdsong (x)

Eddie with a fan at the ski resort Les Airelles Courchevel in the French Alps, 
Dec. 26, 2014. (IG sarahtabet) I love his beautiful happy honeymoon smile.

Eddie in Watch Watch What Happens Live on November 16, 2016 (x)

Smiling Eddie in an Omega advert.

The brightest tipsy smile from Met Gala 2014 (US Vogue - via)
(with Sienna Miller's jacket on his arms)

 Les Miserables Press Junket2012 (x)

Eddie supporting the Act For Change Project (x)
Do you know anyone, who's smile's as beautiful as his?

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