Wednesday, November 29, 2017

National Lottery’s celebration of Good Causes at the Houses of Parliament Tonight

@traceycrouchmp: The distributors, ambassadors & recipients were the real stars of 
tonight's Camelot celebration of @tnluk. But these stars were pretty cool too... #eddieredmayne #oreoduba #nationallottery #nationallotteryawards

Minister Tracey Crouch @tracey_crouch admits to being nervous speaking before Ore and Eddie Redmayne as sector reps inc @BFI and @ace_national say thanks to Camelot and @NationalLottery

jennyvscott: I thought you all spoke brilliantly and the two boys from Into Film were fantastic.

Eddie Redmayne represented Into Film, he's one of the charity's ambassadors.

ladytaylorofwarwick: A delight to meet up with #eddieredmayne tonight
°◦°◦°MмAʌNɴYʏ TтНнAʌNɴKκSsՏƧ°◦for being a #bestdad
°◦◦°◦°◦°◦°◦° ◦°◦° O┣┫╰┫EA┣┫! O┣┫╰┫EA┣┫!.

rosieluff: Lobbying is so hard. This guy kept asking for a photo with me because 
he’d heard what a great consultant I am. Wish my fans would just give me space.

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