Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Breathtaking new photos for BuzzFeed by Laura Madeline Gallant

@lauramgallant: Back in the studio with Eddie Redmayne for @BuzzFeed !

Photographer Laura Madeline Gallant posted these beautiful photos on Instagram.

I have no words!


Update Jan 24, 2018:
BuzzFeed interview about 21 Very Important Things You've Always Wanted To Know
In the article by Ellie Bate you can read about his favorite drinks, foods, animals, swearword,
about what celebrity he was mistaken, about his Hogwarts house, about what advice would he
give to his teenage self, and what's the best he got, about the time he freaked out in front of
Allison Janney, about his most challenging and fun role, favorite super power. Are you
interested in what was the last song he listened to, the last film he saw, the last book he read?
The last book he read was Falling Upwards by Richard Holmes, which is about the history of
air balloon flight. This can be related to the new project, 'The Aeronauts', an adventure drama
about 19th century balloonists with Felicity Jones, that Eddie's team didn't confirmed yet. 

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