Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Eddie's reading bedtime storie again next week

Eddie Redmayne returns to the story seat of CBeebies on Wednesday 24 January 6.50pm-7.00pm
as he reads the second of three stories he has recorded for CBeebies. (source - via)

He reads The Dressing Up Dad by Maudie Smith and illustrated by‎ Paul Howard,
the story of a fun-loving, unique dad who loves to dress up. Danny and his dad 
have great fun dressing up together but when Dad becomes an ordinary dad for 
a day, Danny learns how important it is to be encouraged to be yourself.

The Story: Danny and his dad love dressing up but sometimes Danny wonders 
what it would be like to have an ‘ordinary everyday dad’. So Danny asks his dad 
to come to his birthday party as an ordinary dad. ‘Ordinary Dad’ organises a great party but then Danny realises that he wants his dad to have fun too. When Dad dresses up none of Danny’s friends want to go home!
Paul Howard’s illustrations are full of humour - the book on storysnug.com

Look inside the book (x) more
The story read by the author Maudie Smith

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