Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Helping Stephen into the Car - deleted scene from The Theory of Everything

Some deleted scenes of the movie on the DVD and Blu-ray show some of the difficulties of 
living with Motor Neuron Disease (ALS). Here are my gifs from one of them. This scene 
shows, how can Jane manage to help Stephen in the car with the help of their son Robert.

More about The Theory of Everything deleted scenes here:

Celebrating Eddie Redmayne's 36th Birthday a social media network of his fans 
is organizing an initiative where people can donate to the Motor Neurone 
Disease Association, because as a patron, it is a cause dear to his heart. 
If you donate by 12 January, you could be chosen by random drawing 
to receive a collectible Newt Scamander Funko Pop doll, or a Newt 
wand issued in connection with ComicCon in 2016.  
You can also leave a message to Eddie.

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