Thursday, January 11, 2018

Some Early Man promo ahead of the Sunday premiere - new photos of Eddie

Eddie Redmayne seen arriving at the Global Studios for Capital Radio 
in London, January 11, 2018.- source: newtscamand-r on tumblr (x) (x)

Don't miss him discussing his role as the voice of Dug on the 
Chris Evans Breakfast Show (@BBCRadio2 after 8:40am
and @BBCTheOneShow (BBC One, 7pm) this Friday! (x)

From initial sketches to finished animation, find out more about the making of #EarlyMan in this
@BBCNews interview video with Director Nick Park and Animation Director @will_becher! (via)
For more information check the posts of @earlymanmovie on Twitter

earlymanmovie: She’s a straight-talking Bronze Age woman with a love of football and 
breaking conventions! Find out more about Goona, voiced by @maisie_williams(x)

The movie will be released in Hungary on 15th February.

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