Saturday, January 13, 2018

The One Show on BBC One, Friday

 Eddie promoted Early Man in The One Show on BBC One Friday in London (an.12, 2018)

“I got pretty physical in the booth. There is this weird thing that happens where you go to this 
very famous sound booth place in Soho.When I went for the first time I went to the loo and in 
the loo of this lovely place it is a bit like going to a sort of slightly gross club where you go to 
the loos and, I don’t know if it’s the same for women, but there are 700 different types of 
deodorant and eau de toilette and all this kind of stuff. I walked into the sound place bathroom 
and there was all this stuff and I thought ‘Oh this is a bit much’ and after about an hour in the 
booth I was spraying all of them on.It’s smelly, physical work being a voiceover actor!” (via)

Michelle: What's next for you? Are you going to continue with the light-hearted 
comedy vein, or are you going to go back to something more gritty?
Eddie: I was reading a script, um, for this film. I was laughing at loud, and my 
wife heard me and said "do that script. Whatever that is, will you do that one", 
rather than something really intense and depressing....

‘We’ve just finished on Fantastic Beasts so that’s going to be coming out. 
‘It does actually get a wee bit darker.’ 

He said: ‘I was a waiter at the British Soap Awards, and there's this bit where they
get everyone really drunk ... in order to then be a really lively audience. ‘So there
were all these drunk actors, and I was in charge of holding the tray where they put
all of their empties, and the cast of Hollyoaks started piling extra ones on top and
they all fell. I've hated Hollyoaks ever since!'...

 Eddie on The One Show talking about Christmas Day (Click for full size!)
source @eddie.redmayne.obe_fan on IG

Favorite song from the 90's? How about that going to Ibiza song?  

saying that he had a cold bad cold when he was recording his last bit.

Update Feb.4, 2018

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