Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Video Eddie, Maisie and Tom make Hognob figures

The cast of Early Man learn how to make their very own Hognob. Watch the full video below and see
Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston and Maisie Williams master the art of model making! 

Hognob making masterclass with Aardman's very own Jim Parkyn!

Sources: @StudiocanalUK and Early Man on YouTube

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Nick Park on Eddie Redmayne's casting

"Yes, voice casting has always been very important to our projects, right from the days when 
members of the public voiced Creature Comforts. Eddie was great. He was perfect. I knew it 
as soon as he agreed to come in and test for it. I'd seen him playing a novice monk in this film 
called Black Death, playing a rather quiet character, understated and vulnerable. I loved those 
qualities in him as an actor. He asked me, 'How old is Dug?'  I said, 'About 15.' Then he went, 
'Alright, Hognob!' and started acting as this teenager. I thought it was brilliant." 

"I’d seen Eddie in a film called Black Death, in which he played a young monk in the Middle 
Ages. He had a sort of vulnerable feeling, which I really liked. I was looking for someone to 
play a teenage caveman, who is boyish and eager – but not necessarily confident. That vulnerable 
side of him really worked. The first time I met him and we worked on Dug’s voice, he said to me, 
‘How about if we go a bit younger?’ I was amazed by how he played Dug as a dishevelled 15-year-
old, and it really appealed to me." - mymbuzz

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