Thursday, February 8, 2018

BAFTAs 2015 Throwback

Photo by airungarky HQ photos here
She wrote: ...The young actor attended the BAFTAS and although he was
retained for interviews, he then returned to the fence where the fans were
waiting for him and began signing autographs. He was very attentive and
was always smiling, no doubt he is a very nice kid with a promising future.

Redmayniacs on the BAFTA’s 2015 red carpet
Video (1:21) - Eddie in the video from 0:11

BAFTA Awards 2015 - red carpet

Eddie and Hannah (source: sirredmayne)

Tumblr postsRed carpet - Show & After

Moved Eddie after his BAFTA win announced, before he went up to the stage in 2015.

EE BAFTA Awards 8th February 2015 - pictures, videos

(source: eddie-redmayne-italian-blog)

Winner acceptance speech by Eddie Redmayne for Leading Actor

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne poses in the winners room (rahfaelbarba)

 Eddie Redmayne and Stephen Hawking arrive at the BAFTA Awards After Party (x)
(source: xoxoeddie)

Wonderful edit, Thanks BAFTA (x)

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