Thursday, February 1, 2018

Maisie Williams Heart Rate Monitor feat Dr. Eddie - BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

As a guest on the show, Maisie had participated in the Heart Rate Monitor Challenge. Host Nick 
Grimshaw got to interviewed her while she sat in a hospital bed, attached to a heart rate monitor.

Maisie Williams in the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show chats with Nick Grimshaw
Eddie in the video from 6:17

Grimshaw brought in Redmayne and asked the actor if he knew any "horrible
stories" that would sent Williams's pulse racing. Redmayne immediately
declined to take that track and took a much better one.
 "I don't know about the horrible stories, because I thought, well, basically, it's just
about 'Game of Thrones' spoilers," he said, making the day of all "Game of Thrones"
fans listening. Redmayne then jumped right into it, hypothesizing that Williams's
character, Arya Stark, will end up leading the Seven Kingdoms. He and Grimshaw
did their best to analyze the actress's response, but to be honest, they weren't able
to glean much from her changing heart rate. We did like Redmayne's creativity,
though -- particularly when he suggested that Arya and Hot Pie (Ben Hawkey)
will "get it on, become a thing, have kids, the full works." (moviefone)

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