Sunday, February 4, 2018

More on The Aeronauts, the upcoming new period drama for Amazon Studios

At the end of November we learnt from a Deadline article, that Eddie and his 'The Theory 
of Everything' co-star Felicity Jones are talking about reteaming on a new period drama.
Screendaily reported, that Glen Basner’s FilmNation Entertainment will launch international
sales at the EFM this month on Amazon Studios’ The Aeronauts starring Eddie Redmayne
and Felicity Jones. Mandeville Films’ David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman are producing
the film about a hot air balloon expedition. Tom Harper directs from a screenplay by the
award winning writer of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Jack Thorne. Amazon Studios
is financing the prestige feature and will self-distribute The Aeronauts in the US.
Felicity would play balloon pilot Amelia Wren and Eddie would be scientist James Glaisher
In 1862, they embarked on an extraordinary journey to discover the secrets of the heavens.

Felicity and Eddie at the Golden Globe Awards in 2015 (source: sirredmayne)

“...Eddie and I are shooting something called The Aeronauts later in the year.
We obviously worked on The Theory of Everything and we have an easy
working relationship. We're both perfectionists so we both work in incredibly
hard towards doing more together.” - Felicity on working with Eddie again."
 Quote from a recent interview for Büro via @lunadainuoja

In a recent Early Man interview (video below) Eddie was asked about his next project.
He didn't tell us the project's title, but I think he talked about 'The Aeronauts',

"The plan is to do something else later in the year, but I can't talk about it yet, only
because in the past I have, and I end up jinxing them, and they don't happen, so...
Yeah, the plan is to make another film soon." - Eddie said in the video

(x) ...

In the wonderful recent BuzzFeed interview he also mentioned something, that
made me think of this project. When he was asked about the last book he read,
he said: "A book called Falling Upwards (by Richard Holmes).
It’s about the history of air balloon flight, which is excellent."
It seems like he already did some research for the role.
VIDEO: full BuzzFeed interview

BTS of The Theory of Everything (via eddie-redmayne-italian-blog)
Benoit Delhomme on the cinematography of TToE here.

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