Friday, February 2, 2018

The Dressing Up Dad - Cbeebies Bedtime Stories

I loved Eddie’s second bedtime storie reading on CBeebies, though he 


He read The Dressing Up Dad by Maudie Smith and illustrated by‎ Paul Howard, 
the story of a fun-loving, unique dad who loves to dress up. Danny and his dad have 
great fun dressing up together but when Dad becomes an ordinary dad for a day, 
Danny learns how important it is to be encouraged to be yourself.

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“Actually I do read bedtime stories to my little girl and I love it, so I was like ‘why not’.
And I also think it’s an art, like the drawings and the artwork in bedtime stories I adore.”
Eddie Redmayne Early Man interview video

The video on iPlayer (available in the UK only)

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