Thursday, March 8, 2018

Happy International Women's Day!

In honor of this special day I made a collage from pictures of Eddie Redmayne 
with his formidable co-stars (stills and screenshots from his projects)

We celebrate the International Women's Day in 
Hungary since 1948. Women are celebrated and 
greeted with flowers (or gifts) by men, it's about 
love, esteem and respect. Many people don't even 
know about the feminist roots, the actual meaning 
of the celebration. 

March 8 was suggested by the 1910 International 
Socialist Woman's Conference to become an 
"International Woman's Day." After women 
gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, March 8 
became a national holiday there. The day was then 
predominantly celebrated by the socialist 
movement and communist countries until it was 
adopted in 1975 by the United Nations. 

Eddie said in the recent fan interview: "I think there’s just been a massive sea-change, and I think 
that it will change the way that every man is in every workplace across the world. I’ve worked with 
many formidable women, but certainly when you go on a film set still you see that it is a male-centric 
place …And so I think that the question, to me, is the same way the film business is being focused 
on and actors are being focused on, it’s also about people behind the camera, it’s about directors, 
producers, heads of studios, and then of course into all other industries. So I think, I hope that there 
will be a shift. For a long time, people would say, oh, perhaps that female-centric films weren’t as 
commercially successful. But the top three films of the last year were fronted by women, some of 
them directed by women. It’s just not a valid excuse any more. So I think there will be a change."
You find the full interview on BespokeRedmayne here.

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