Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The eye is the mirror of the soul

Eddie has such wonderful expressive eyes. - My edit with AndreaMosaic (click for full size)

Clémence Poesy (in 2012): "...if I were to choose an actor [who’ll achieve] greatness, 
it would probably be Eddie – he is wonderful. Not because he is young and elegant 
and beautiful, but because he is one of the few actors who could play a character like 
Stephen in Birdsong, from a young man falling in love at 20 to a haunted man of 35 
who has been through a war. When we filmed the scene where my character Isabelle 
and Stephen meet up years later, it was extraordinary. Eddie walked into the room and
it was as if the war had come in with him, his eyes had the haunted look of someone 
who had been through something dreadful. It is an amazing performance because he 
does so much without words; he is going to be so big."


I  made a few edits about Eddie's beautiful eyes for D24 of the #30daysidolchallenge last year. 
The challenge was a great fan. I posted the pictures on my tumblr and Instagram accounts then. 
If you are interested in my posts, you can check them here, I hope you will like them.

The Theory of Everything

Jupiter Ascending

my collage from photoshoot outtakes - post on IG

I had some trouble then with the D19 task, Idol doing peace sign.
I couldn't find suitable pic then, so I posted a group selfie of Eddie
with the cast and crew, where David Yates and Alison Sudol did it.
On the screenshot below Eddie unintentionally doing peace sign in 
a 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' Cast Live Q&A in 
November 2016 - video - He actually talked about Pickett, and 
illustrated him with hand gestures. I saw a gif on Twitter posted 
by @CandyWorking when I noticed this.

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