Friday, May 11, 2018

Out with friends in New York in April 2010

Eddie with a giagantic lolli.

You probably familiar with this photo of Eddie. I wondered where and 
when it was taken and did a little research. Here's what I found. Taryn Cox 
(a crew member of The Other Boleyn Girl) posted in her blog 'The Wife'. 
In her post about her NY trip she wrote about her afternoon with friends.

Taryn at the Golden Theatre - in Eddie's dressing room

"Sunday afternoon we went to see my darling friend Eddie Redmayne in a 
genuis preformance with Alfred Molina in the play “RED.” ...After the 
matinee preformance we all went to Sweetie Pie for sweet sugary treats."

"Eddie and I in the window. I embarassed everyone by making us 
eat at the table in the gilded bird cage."

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