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Zürich Film Festival 2007 - Savage Grace (opening film not in competition)

Eddie Redmayne attended the red carpet pemiere of Savage Grace screened
as the opening film on 27th September at the 3. Zürich Film Festival.
He was filming Powder Blue back then (from Aug. 2007) this explains the hair.

Eddie with Savage Grace director Tom Kalin and gf Tara Hacking on the red carpet
source: eddie-redmayne-italian-blog

When I searched for some background information about the 
event, I found something, that you probably haven't seen yet.
It's not much, only a few second in the video here.

 my screenshots

Savage Grace was the opening film at the 3. ZFF 
(27. SEPTEMBER - 7. OKTOBER 2007)
It was also screened on 1st October 2007 at 18:00 (Arthouse Alba)

 source: aworldofbliss

“Intense, one way to say it,” Eddie described the 2007 film from Tom Kalin.
“It did involve a bit of incest. A little murder.” The film told the story of heiress
and socialite Barbara Daly Baekeland (Moore) and her allegedly incestuous
relationship with her gay son (Redmayne), who eventually murdered his mother.
 Despite the heavy material, Redmayne distinctively recalls how his fellow 2015
Oscar winner would keep the mood light while filming. “What’s amazing about
Julianne is she is so funny and so she’s not one of those actors that like takes
themselves into a room and gets into a zone,” he explained. “She’s talking to you…
I remember a talk show host in the U.K. called Jonathan Ross and we were 
about to do like the most intense sort of hardcore murder scene and she was talking about Jonathan Ross. You could see Tom, the director, sort of over there going, ‘When do I call action?’ He would call action and she would just go straight into the scene and I would be going… still sort of talking about Jonathan Ross. I’d be like, ‘Oh, no, no, no, no.’ So she made it very easy, actually.” 
(People interview via EW)

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