Friday, October 19, 2018

Meeting journalists on the set of FBTCOG last year

Some journalists and youtubers met Eddie Redmayne on the set of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes 
of Grindelwald last year. Now, that there's less than one month until the movie release, they 
posted on social media their photos with him. I'm looking forward to the interviews.

@brizzyvoices posted on Instagram: Can you believe we have LESS THAN
ONE MONTH to wait for @fantasticbeasts the Crimes of Grindelwald??! ✨
By some miracle sent to me by Warner Bros, I got to meet the ultimate
Hufflepuff himself Eddie Redmayne on set while they were filming last year!!
Ahh!! How does he always look so flawless?? Cannot WAITTTT for all of
Newt’s new adventures to be revealed November 16!! đŸ“œ (x)
Update: Her set visit report is here

Update: @tessanetting: Here’s another photo of me and Eddie Redmayne both
dressed as Newt Scamander doing a Hufflepuff dance together- no big deal!!
All of this and MORE from the set of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
in a video COMING SOON to my YouTube channel! (x) #WBSponsored
Check Tessa's vlog here

The star steps back into Newt's shoes for more Fantastic Beasts and is it November 16 yet? đŸ’«
Returning to Newt and making a sequel was a magical experience for Eddie Redmayne ✨
More here (I hope you can watch the full video) ...

Popsugar: 17 Secrets We Learned When We Went Behind the Scenes...

Video: Accio Tickets!


  1. Update with a new photo from Tessa Netting. Video coming soon!!! I can't wait!!!


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