Friday, June 15, 2018

Happy 2nd Birthday Iris! 🎂🎁❤,️😘😊 🍀

I wish Happy Birthday to her with a little collage from some cute mom and dad photos

Let's celebrate the parents as well. Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe appreciation. 

“Actually I do read bedtime stories to my little girl & I love it, so I was like ‘why not’.
And I also think it’s an art, like the drawings & the artwork in bedtime stories I adore.”
- Eddie on reading bedtime stories for CBeebies

 “So I showed the trailer to Iris, who is eighteen months & she seemed pretty into it.
She doesn’t have the longest attention span, so it was good - yeah, I think thumbs up!”
- On Iris' reaction to Early Man

gif from sirredmayne

"I did end up having - buying - a Funko Pop!...and my 18 month old child uses
it for teething. So she chooses Newt for... But the wand, even though it's
very small, is a bit sharp, so I'm not sure..." - Early Man interview (gifset)

Quote from the BuzzFeed interview by Ellie Bate: What was the last song you listened to? 
 ER: “Well. Either “Despacito”, because my 18-month-old daughter is a Belieber. It’s the 
song that sort of makes her just start dancing manically. If she’s on the verge of meltdown, 
you just put on a bit of “Despacito” and she hears that opening intro and gets fully into it. 
But also Rita Ora’s song “Anywhere”. I like that a lot.” 
Video here

Personal note:
I wonder if Iris would like my 21 month old granddaughter's favorites. She really likes the Peppa Pig episodes, and
you can check the video of her favorite song here

"Tik Tak, Tik Tak, the clock is mooving, and never never stops.
Once the minute hand goes around, then one hour has passed.
Tik Tak, Tik Tak, the clock is mooving, with it the time goes by.
Watch! Its hour hand fell behind, but this clock still works fine."
Kicsi Gesztenye Klub - Tik-Tak

Thursday, June 14, 2018

TBT - High Tide Festival play reading - Another Event from 2007

Eddie Redmayne with Mary Nighy at the High Tide play reading 
on January 26, 2007 (x). Mary is an English actress and filmmaker. 
(photos source: chrissallans and lrieguhst on tumblr)

"Actor Bill Nighy (who played the father of Eddie's character in Glorious 39) 
stepped in to help raise funds for the festival by auctioning a script from 
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. He's a patron of the festival but 
will not be performing on stage - as HighTide is aimed at highlighting the 
talent of writers and actors under 30. In a search to find the country's most 
promising talent, HighTide's organisers approached theatre groups throughout 
the UK. They were amazed by the number of people who replied with an 
application to take part in the festival." (source:

HighTide was formed in 2007 as a one-off festival at The Cut arts centre, 
Halesworth, Suffolk to profile new work by up and coming playwrights 
in a creative and nurturing environment.

HighTide started life as a three-day festival, opening on 6 March 2007. 
It premiered short plays by Tom Basden, Steven Bloomer, Sarah Cuddon, 
Sam Holcroft, Matthew Morrison, Pericles Snowdon, Megan Walsh and 
Iain Weatherby.  Tom Basden's Assembly then transferred to Hay-on-Wye 
Festival 2008. It was expanded into a full length play retitled Party, which 
premiered at Edinburgh Festival 2009 where it won a Fringe First, 
transferred to the Arts Theatre, London, and was adapted for Radio 4. (x)

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Zürich Film Festival 2007 - Savage Grace (opening film not in competition)

Eddie Redmayne attended the red carpet pemiere of Savage Grace screened
as the opening film on 27th September at the 3. Zürich Film Festival.
He was filming Powder Blue back then (from Aug. 2007) this explains the hair.

Eddie with Savage Grace director Tom Kalin and gf Tara Hacking on the red carpet
source: eddie-redmayne-italian-blog

When I searched for some background information about the 
event, I found something, that you probably haven't seen yet.
It's not much, only a few second in the video here.

 my screenshots

Savage Grace was the opening film at the 3. ZFF 
(27. SEPTEMBER - 7. OKTOBER 2007)
It was also screened on 1st October 2007 at 18:00 (Arthouse Alba)

 source: aworldofbliss

“Intense, one way to say it,” Eddie described the 2007 film from Tom Kalin.
“It did involve a bit of incest. A little murder.” The film told the story of heiress
and socialite Barbara Daly Baekeland (Moore) and her allegedly incestuous
relationship with her gay son (Redmayne), who eventually murdered his mother.
 Despite the heavy material, Redmayne distinctively recalls how his fellow 2015
Oscar winner would keep the mood light while filming. “What’s amazing about
Julianne is she is so funny and so she’s not one of those actors that like takes
themselves into a room and gets into a zone,” he explained. “She’s talking to you…
I remember a talk show host in the U.K. called Jonathan Ross and we were 
about to do like the most intense sort of hardcore murder scene and she was talking about Jonathan Ross. You could see Tom, the director, sort of over there going, ‘When do I call action?’ He would call action and she would just go straight into the scene and I would be going… still sort of talking about Jonathan Ross. I’d be like, ‘Oh, no, no, no, no.’ So she made it very easy, actually.” 
(People interview via EW)

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