Saturday, August 31, 2019

The first reviews of The Aeronauts arrived from the Telluride Film Festival

They are mostly positive. The movie is beautiful, technically dazzling and the reviewers praised the
engrossing and emotional performances of the two leads. Some had issues with the flashbacks, they
would prefer a more linear storytelling. It’s worth to see it in 3D on the largest screen possible.

Visually is the movie :) Loads of action and terrific performances
from Felicity... and Eddie, who is of course my new best friend. Kidding but
thank you for the pic. Go see this one on a BIG screen. Chris Schneider
"...Magnificent performance by @EddieRedmayneUK" - Jack Wertzberger

"Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne reuniting for this project proves that lighting really
can strike twice. These two have such natural chemistry and play off each other with
ease. Jones portrayal of Amelia is full of energy while Redmayne plays James, a man
dedicated to science. The characters don’t seem like they would work but they do
because of the strong performances..." - Scott Menzel (weliveentertainment)

"Eddie Redmayne continues to captures hearts as the charming James Glashier.
His performance is wonderful and I don’t think there is a better actor out there
who could capture the wide-eyed wonder and awe of being 23,000 feet in the air."

Awards Circuit review by Clayton Davies

Matt Neglia @Telluride @NextBestPicture · posted on Aug 31:
Found a fantastic beast roaming about the streets of #Telluride...

NBP: THE GOOD - The technicals are all soaring high in this one with
a thrilling third act filled with tremendous stunt-work. Eddie Redmayne
and Felicity Jones make for a great on-screen pair once again.
THE BAD - A quickened pace that forces heavy-handed dialogue to tell
the story. Flashback narrative structure fails to get us invested early on.
THE OSCAR PROSPECTS - Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design
Best Makeup & Hairstyling, Best Sound Editing & Best Original Score

I made the gifs from the official trailer

A recurring mistake in the articles, that they mention hot-air balloon.
The balloon in the movie actually a gas balloon!!!
Eddie talked about it in an interview
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Telluride Film Festival 30th August 2019

The Aeronauts promo tour started with the World premiere at the Telluride Film Festival on Friday.

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones at the Telluride Film Festival 2019
ahead of the premiere of their new film The Aeronauts.
Telluride Patron Brunch

photos source: 嗨Q电影 on weibo

@vivienphotos on IG: Telluride Film Festival launching into full swing.
Such a beautiful, sunny morning in the mountains. (via)

source: Frances Dinkelspiel on Twitter

Yes, that’s Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne with a slight cameo by their The Aeronauts
director Tom Harper. - Marc Malkin on Twitter

Eddie, Felicity, and director Tom Harper before the premiere (x) via

Aeronauts co-stars Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne are fielding questions about their hot
air ballooning film, which premieres Friday. Asked about its distributor Amazon’s recently
announced, two-week release plan for the movie, a new experiment for the streaming
company, Jones says, “The movie is a huge adventure, so it makes sense that its release
might be, too. These characters we’re playing were both pioneers, after all.” (THR)

Photos via 雪霏Sophia on weibo

Todd Lieberman @toddlieberman tweeted: After several years of work,
I’m incredibly proud of this film and all the amazingly talented folks
who dedicated their lives to bringing it to life...

Michael Patterson tweeted: Settled in for the first ever screening of The Aeronauts at
the Herzog Theater. Wife just asked Eddie how he was doing. His answer..."Nervous"

Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, and Director Tom Harper introducing THE AERONAUTS
at the Telluride Festival - source Matt Neglia on Twitter

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The first trailer of The Aeronauts is out, and it's exciting

In 1862, daredevil balloon pilot Amelia Wren (Felicity Jones) teams up with pioneering
meteorologist James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) to advance human knowledge of the
weather and fly higher than anyone in history. While breaking records and advancing
scientific discovery, their voyage to the very edge of existence helps the unlikely pair
find their place in the world they have left far below them. But they face physical
and emotional challenges in the thin air, as the ascent becomes a fight for survival.


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Amazon Studios also released the first poster.
via @theaeronautsmov on Twitter

Festival News!

Telluride Film Festival takes place August 30 - September 2, 2019.
TFF 46 2019 Program Annoucement includes 'The Aeronauts'
According to the final program guide Eddie will be there
with Felicity Jones and director Tom Harper.
The first screening will be tomorrow (30th August)
at the Werner Herzog Theatre (H) at 6:45 PM
Two more screenings: O/Sat 8:30PM - P/Sun 12:30PM
QnA - C/Sun 4:15PM

BFI announced today the schedule of the London Film Festival.
The Aeronauts will be having a gala screening!!!!
Luxe Leicester Square Monday 07 October 2019 18:20
Tickets On sale 12-09-2019 10:00 am
 There are 3 more screenings in other cinemas. - Read more

The TIFF premiere will take place at Roy Thomson Hall
Sunday, September 08, 3PM - 4K
Another screenings: Wed, Sep 11 Elgin Theatre, 8:00pm

stills in good quality