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SCAD Film Festival 10-23-2022

Eddie attended the Savannah Film Festival and accepted the Virtuoso Award
for his work in The Good Nurse.

Eddie took photos and signed for fans on the red carpet.

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SCAD (via)

"25th SCAD Savannah Film Festival is in full swing with many attending including
Academy award winners Eddie Redmayne and Ron Howard, Grammy Nominee
Janelle Monea, Rita Ortega and more. We have interviews with some of them."

He is interviewed by SCAD student, Julia Gralki. 

“It felt amazing. I’ve never been in the room with such passionate and joyous people filled with
a love for what we do. It’s something revitalizing about the next generation coming up with that
passion and that hunger. I think I probably took away more than they did,” said Redmayne. (x)

Eddie was honored with the Virtuoso Award for The Good Nurse
during the screening event.
Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SCAD (via)

The REAL Good Nurse -Amy Loughren  joined Eddie Redmayne for a Q&A session after
the screening of the "Good Nurse" at the SCAD Film Festival in Savannah, GA October 23

The Q&A was moderated by Clayton Davis (Variety)

Eddie Redmayne Central Gallery photos:

Update 2022.11.23.

Eddie accepts his Virtuoso Award on stage.

Eddie received the 2022 Virtuoso Award for his role in "The Good Nurse".

He recalls how an early stage performance with actor Mark Rylance
helped him learn and grow as an actor. 

Montclair Film Festival Performance of the Year Award


Photos credit Sophia via @theRED61 on Twitter

THE GOOD NURSE was screened as the festival’s Fiction Centerpiece, with
Tobias Lindholm, Amy Loughren, and Eddie Redmayne attending a post-screening
Q&A with Stephen Colbert on Saturday, October 22, 2022. Eddie was presented
with the festival’s Performance Of The Year Award.  



Source @katiemackattack on Instagram

Source @ryancervasio on Instagram

Sunday Today with Willie Geist (NBC 23rd October)

Via Willie Geist on Twitter

Willie Geist sits down with Eddie to talk about his gradual rise to fame, the whirlwind experience
of winning an Oscar for his performance in “The Theory of Everything,” and his new role
in the Netflix film “The Good Nurse.” (x)

Via Willie Geist on Twitter

"I don't come from a family who were massive theater fans or film or music fans,"
he told Geist. For some reason, the actor said he had "an instinct" for the craft.

"I loved music and singing and acting at school," he said. "To my parents' credit,
which now as a parent myself I really do hold high, anything I had an interest in
or my brothers had an interest in, they supported."

'For his current role in "The Good Nurse," he got inside the head of real-life serial killer
Charles Cullen, a nurse who investigators estimate was responsible for the deaths
of around 400 of his patients over the course of 16 years in hospitals across New Jersey
and Pennsylvania. His crimes were discovered by a fellow nurse, played by Chastain.
Redmayne said that he didn't try method acting in the role, mainly for the sake of his
family. "I have a six-year-old and a four-year-old and for the sake of my wife's sanity,
staying in Charlie Cullen would not have been enjoyable for anyone," he laughed.'

My screenshots from the video above

Listen to the full conversation on the Sunday Sitdown podcast!

"I love what I do, and you don't take it for granted, because it's a wonderful existence."

AMPAS Q&A on 21st October in New York

AMPAS Q&A moderated by Tomris Laffly w/ Tobias Lindholm, Jessica Chastain,
Eddie Redmayne, Nnamdi Asomugha, writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns,
& real-life good nurse, Amy Loughren. (October 21, 2022)

Posted by DesiNerd on Twitter
"Lovely chatting with the cast of The Good Nurse. They were all phenomenal
in their roles. I can never look at #EddieRedmayne the same way again..."

Matt Neglia posted on Instagram: "What a wonderful experience it was getting to meet
the cast and crew for #TobiasLindholm’s #TheGoodNurse. Finally met the incredibly
talented, super nice & unbelievably beautiful #JessicaChastain. Got to re-connect with 
#EddieRedmayne after we previously met at Telluride a few years ago, which he
astonishingly remembered (I also really love his chilling performance in this film)
and I also got to meet #NnamdiAsomugha who was a force on the football field and
I think will be one on the screen as well. Really insightful #QandA with the real hero
behind the story #AmyLoughren present as well..."

Full Q&A

my screenshots


Saturday, October 29, 2022

The Good Nurse Screening and Q&A on 19th October in NYC

Photo source: Joelle on Instagram

Screening at the Sag-Aftra Foundation Robin Williams Center

Annika on Twitter who posted videos from the event wrote:
"Interesting on acting tools when Jessica Chastain describes the earpiece
she wore to simulate a heart condition. Eddie Redmayne and Director
Tobias Lindholm described earlier how cornering Redmayne in a tiny space
and shackles helped trigger his reaction..." 

The British GQ article on Eddie's style this season:
"...While the actor was once about the classics, he's ventured into newer, wavier
waters with a little help from Harry Lambert - the stylist behind Harry Styles,
Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Emma Corrin..."

TLO: "He’s got that Gawky Chic thing that allows him to wear the goofy stuff.
We wouldn’t recommend this look for a lot of people (although Lorenzo is eyeing
that sweater), but it’s definitely a fun direction for him."


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The Good Nurse promo tour videos - events and interviews - my Youtube playlist

I update the playlist below daily, as soon as I find a new video.

You find videos here from festivals like TIFF, BFI London Film Festival,
Zurich Film Festival, also premiere- and talk show videos and interviews
with Eddie Redmayne, Jessica Chastain, director Tobias Lindholm, and
other cast and crew members, including screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns
and the real good nurse Amy Loughren.

Check out my channel for more Eddie-related playlists

The Good Nurse is now playing in select theatres 
and can be streamed on Netflix from October 26th
The Good Nurse billboard on Times Square via screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns on Instagram.

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Good Bye to some Cabaret cast members

 Eddie Redmayne visited the Kit Kat Club again on Saturday, October 1, 2022.

Kayla Lomas Kirton posted on Instagram these group photos of the cast because some
of them said goodbye to the show. Auf wiedersehen & Ă  bientĂ´t to Fra Fee, Amy Lennox,
Omar Baroud, Stewart Clarke, Anna-Jane Casey, Josh Andrews, Theo Maddix,
Daniel Perry, André Refig, Christopher Tendai, B Terry, and Lillie-Pearl Wildman.

A little closer look.

I don't know when these wonderful photos were taken.
Thanks to Kayla for sharing them.

BFI Luminous Fundraising Gala

Eddie and his wife Hannah attended The BFI London Film Festival: Luminous Gala
at The Londoner on September 29, 2022.
Photo by James Shaw photography on Instagram

Photo by Cat Morley on Twitter

Lily James, Laura Carmichael, Hannah and Eddie Redmayne

With Jemina Goldsmith, Bella Freud, and Laura Bailey

Photo by Lia Toby on Instagram

Eddie with Working Title's Eric Fellner

Photos by Robin Pope on Instagram

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