Sunday, November 27, 2022

Evil embodied - Eddie's chilling performance

Jessica Chastain, Amy Loughren, and Tobias Lindholm praise Eddie and his performance,
and Eddie talks about his approach to the character.

"Well, I approach any character just to start by reading literally any source, then it was about
footage, it was about as much footage as I could get my hands on. The physical element
was important to me. Charlie did self-soothe a lot, that was you know touching himself,
touching his hair or clothes. He was described as looking like a question mark..."

“I had that feeling when I read the script of, ‘Can I play this person without the why?’ But then
I kind of thought on that and ultimately realized that the why and knowing the why is our need
“As in, if we answered why Charlie Cullen did this, then we would be able to other him and go,
‘Oh, he did it for this reason, and that’s monstrous and we would never do that, so we’re safe.’
Whereas actually, that’s not how the world works and that’s not what he did.”
“How this guy was ever allowed near vulnerable people is one of the shocking questions.
But it also meant that as an actor, I had all of that research there.”

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Screening and reception on 21st November 2022 in LA

Eddie and director Tobias Lindholm attended an industry screening and
reception Monday night (November 21, 2022) in Los Angeles.
The moderator was Variety's awards editor Clayton Davis.

Deadline Contenders Conversation

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The Q&A moderated by Pete Hammond was held on Nov. 19th, 2022
at the Directors Guild. You can watch the conversation with
Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne, and director Tobias Lindholm

"Eddie Redmayne representing The Good Nurse"
Photo from @deadline Instagram stories via @comingyou541

Photos: Michael Buckner

Deadline Contenders Film Los Angeles is presented by Aero.

I watched the live stream. The pictures below are some of my screenshots.

“To me, the supervillain of the story isn’t the person committing the violence, it’s the organization
that allows it to exist, turns a blind eye to it, and medicine for profit,” - Jessica Chastain.

“The question we are interested in is why wasn’t [Cullen] stopped? What was it in the American 
hospital system that made this go on for years and allowed him to go above 400 victims
without being stopped? Why was it a single mom, with heart disease, and an ICU nurse,
that is responsible for stopping him? Why wasn’t the system able to?” - Tobias Lindholm

"Amy talked about her love for this man and how kind and gentle and self-deprecating and
the fact that he saves her life,” he said. “She met this other human being twice. She describes
how his eyes glazed over and he was a different human being. She describes it as dissociative.
That was a revelation for us because it meant that we could tell this story truthfully. It was
about a friendship, and I suppose in some ways a love story.” - Eddie Redmayne

Saturday, November 19, 2022

How The Good Nurse stars got in their characters' heads - featurette

In the new video Jessica Chastain (Amy Loughren) and Eddie Redmayne (Charlie Cullen)
share how they transformed into their characters and brought the true story to the screen.

"The thing about playing Charlie is that he's a sociopath and he conned the world.
The physical element was important to me in trying to get inside Charlie's head,
he would self-soothe a lot whether that was, you know, touching himself or
touching his hair or his clothes" - Eddie Redmayne on playing Charles Cullen

Director Tobías Lindholm: "What he's able to do physically
to transform I've never seen before.

Jessica Chastain: "It was his eyes has shifted and he had become
someone else, and literally the second it was cut, he was just like
back to being the wonderful person".

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Behind The Scenes The Good Nurse

Alix West Lefler posted on Instagram: "Some BTS pics from The Good Nurse.
I hope everyone is liking the movie as much as I enjoyed making it ❤️"

Devyn.McDowell's nice post on Instagram: "Have you watched #TheGoodNurse yet?
While Eddie is absolutely chilling as Charlie Cullen, he was SUCH a joy to work with.
Seriously, the nicest guy on the PLANET. 🌎
One of my best memories was that we would both have our hair and makeup done around
the same time each day. This was during COVID so they had protective barriers between
the chairs but he would always look over and wave excitedly full of joy to see me. 👋🏼
It always made my day, and it was such an honor to work with him. 🥰
If you haven’t yet, make sure you watch his incredible performance on @netflix!
(Photo taken by the awesome @jojowhilden, and property of @netflixfilm)

Eddie on set with director Tobias Lindholm Source (via)

When they shot the hospital scenes they used special camera lenses and
soft lighting. The darkness helped the actors to focus on the characters
and emotions. It was not like a film set, it felt real.

“We wanted a muddier black, we avoided the contemporary high-res
file, and just did what we could to make the image less clean.”

#Cinematographer Jody Lee Lipes, ASC (@jody_lee_lipes ) takes us

“I love making those huge symphonic films,” he says of the Harry Potter prequel
franchise. “I love that company of actors — it’s old-school filmmaking of scale.
But because of the nature of them, retaining intimacy is hard.” By comparison,
the close-quarters experience of “The Good Nurse” allowed him to “mine scenes
for everything that they’re worth to try every possible alternative.” He smiles. 
“That was wonderful. It was delicious. It was what I was dreaming of.”

‘Capturing The Killer Nurse’ the documentary about the real story
drops on Netflix on Friday. You can watch the teaser trailer here.

Friday, November 4, 2022

The Good Nurse promo in The Late Late Show with James Corden

Photo cr. carriegrams_ IG story (via)

Eddie was a guest on The Late Late Show in October to promote his new film.

In the video above Eddie shares a tip for handling nerves, he learned from Amanda Seyfried -
jumping jacks! Or, the way more awesome British term for them: star jumps. Later he recaps a
crisis of confidence he experienced during the rehearsals for his West End revival of "Cabaret"
in which he starred and produced. Then Grace Van Patten and Eddie bond over their mutual
appreciation for the soothing effects of the UK's hit reality show, "Love Island." Finally,
Eddie gives James the run-down on his medical training for his role in the upcoming film,
"The Good Nurse." Surprisingly, it involves the popular Bee Gees song, "Stayin' Alive."

James takes advantage of yet another opportunity to embarrass his friend Eddie
with an absolutely horrendous outfit from an early-career modeling portrait.

To mark the release of Eddie's movie on Netflix he appeared on the show
one more time in a funny sketch with James.
Nice Boys Eddie & James Were Fired From Action Movies

Eddie Redmayne and James Corden recently sat down for an interview to set the record straight on
how their perpetual niceness got them booted from movies like Top Gun, John Wick, and Scarface.