Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscars 2016

88th Oscars on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California

“It’s so nice to be here. I’m so inappropriately dressed, though, because last year it rained and I was worried it would rain again so I wore velvet and now I’m sweating like a fiend.”...The star, who is expecting his first child later this year, said: “It’s so exciting and mildly terrifying but my brother (James) in Hong Kong just had a baby girl about two hours ago so there is a new Redmayne in the world.” (x)

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Redmayne attend the 88th Annual Academy Awards at
Hollywood & Highland Center on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California (x) (x)


Alicia Vikander won the Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
for her portrayal of Gerda Wegener in 'The Danish Girl'

"I just thought Alicia was formidable."
Eddie about seeing The Danish Girl for the first time.

 Eddie Redmayne during Alicia Vikander’s acceptance speech (x)

Tom Hooper during Alicia's speech (x) via

Eddie Redmayne congratulates The Danish Girl costar Alicia Vikander on her Oscar. (x)

Eddie presented the Best Actress Award to Brie Larson


Leonardo DiCaprio won Best Actor as predicted

The audience gives Leo a standing ovation after he accepts the award for Best Actor (x)

I liked the clip they chose for Eddie, he was fabulous in this scene...
(Lili gets her coat and Gerda’s wool wrap. But as Lili heads for the door)
LILI (cont’d) You know sometimes I wonder why you let me go through all this 
if you thought everything would be the same afterwards. 
(Gerda’s wrongfooted...)
GERDA I didn’t. But I promised Einar I’d take care of you. 
LILI For goodness’ sake, Gerda - Einar is dead. We both have to accept that. 
You took care of me, now I have to take care of myself. I have to have a life of my own. And you need to do the same.
(Lili calls the dog, heads for the door, and is gone.
Gerda is left alone to process this exchange...) (x)(x)


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oscars Eve Party and rehearsals for the show on Saturday

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe on Oscars eve at the Motion Picture
& Television Fund benefit in Hollywood. (x)

Alicia and Eddie attending the Oscars Eve At The Motion Picture & Television 
Fund benefit in Hollywood. (x)

The Charles Finch and Chanel’s eighth annual pre-Oscar dinner was at Madeo on Saturday, February 27th. 
Peggy Siegal reported in her Oscars 2016 diary: "... Brie Larson seated next to Eddie Redmayne, who would 
be handing her the Oscar Sunday night in a custom-made Alexander McQueen tuxedo. (The original suit, 
stuck in L.A. customs, had to be copied by a team of tailors waiting in his room for a midnight fitting.)

Eddie Redmayne rehearses Saturday for Oscar’s big night at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. (x)

Eddie won the Worst Supporting Actor Award for Jupiter Ascending - Winners here
Sad, that there are so many people who cannot recognize a stellar performance and consider it bad.
Eddie’s transformation was magnificent as usual.
Eddie Redmayne joins a distinguished list, including Sir Laurence Olivier, of Oscar-Razzie winners. 
A bit of perspective from The Telegraph archives…(x)

Bustle: Eddie Redmayne + Hannah Bagshawe = Prom Royalty
Photos Of Hannah & Eddie That Prove They're The Prom King & Queen Of Hollywood

Updated on 27 May 2017

Video: BAFTA Film Sessions - Acting with Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne shares fascinating craft insight and unpicks his performances in The Danish Girl
and Theory of Everything in this intimate session, in conversation with Breakthrough Brit Letitia
Wright and BAFTA Scholar Jonny Lavelle. - BAFTA GURU


my screenshots (x)

Eddie Redmayne’s BAFTA Guru conversation on acting process, choices, career
ups and downs. One of his best interviews on how he approaches his craft.
Wonderful edits from bespokeredmayne below

"Acting is about learning to enjoy the process of aspiring for a perfection you won't ever achieve."
- Eddie Redmayne

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Film is Great reception on 26 Feb 2016


Eddie and Hannah at the Film Is Great event [26 February 2016]   (x)

Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander at the UK Best Of Film tonight in LA (x)


Eddie Redmayne co-hosting Film Is GREAT pre-Oscar event celebrating British cinema
in Los Angeles, with James Corden emceeing. (x)

Eddie Redmayne & James Corden with their wives at the film is great red carpet (x)

video - (x)

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Eddie Redmayne with wife Hannah Bagshawe Gordon Ramsay and Minnie Driver at 
Film Is GREAT Event he co-hosted in LA Friday showcasing British cinema. (x)

 Great discovery from olly-77: Eddie’s parents, Richard and Patricia Redmayne, 
are both in LA supporting their son :))
The Film Is GREAT Reception at Fig & Olive zimbio photos

Eddie arrived with his mother Patricia, who looks exactly like him in “The Danish Girl,” and wife Hannah, who was five months pregnant. When asked the sex of the child, both parents announced, “Gender fluid.” (x)