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CinemaCon 2018 - Warner Bros. Presentation

Eddie Redmayne attended the CinemaCon 2018 Warner Bros. Pictures 
'The Big Picture' event, held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, on Tuesday.

Eddie presented Will Arnett with a wand to introduce footage. 
The Crimes Of Grindelwald (screendaily)

Warner Bros. released new footage with a teenage Newt Scamander 
(Eddie Redmayne) receiving Defense Against the Dark Arts instruction 
at Hogwarts.  The footage generated a big laugh among attendees at the 
CinemaCon convention of theater owners in Las Vegas, with Jude Law 
portraying a young Albus Dumbledore as the bumbling Scamander faces a 
Boggart (a malevolent, shapeshifting spirit) and a desk appears. Dumbledore 
explains that it’s manifested as Scamander’s fear: having to work an 
office job. “This film, I get to go to Hogwarts, which is the best thing!” 
Redmayne proclaimed at the convention. (source: Variety)
"As someone who has grown up watching all of J.K. Rowling’s films,
I had always dreamt of going to Hogwarts and I felt a little short-changed
that I didn’t get to go to Hogwarts [in the first Fantastic Beasts film], so in
this film I get to go to Hogwarts…We all get to meet Dumbledore, who Jude
Law plays, and he has this amazing, quixotic, eccentric joy to him.” (EW)

Dumbledore has the following conversation with Newt: 
Dumbledore: You’ve heard rumors Grindelwald will 
rise to dominate the wizarding world. 
 Newt: You’re asking me to help? 
 Dumbledore: And to learn. I can’t move against 
Grindelwald. It has to be you. 

 After this follow some shots of the growing darkness – and maybe 
even a glimpse of Dumbledore looking into the Mirror of Erised! 
 According to reports, the trailer ends with a moment of humor from 
our beloved Jacob Kowalski and a familiar name that we will finally 
get to meet face to face: Nicolas Flamel! ‘Are you a ghost?’ 
Jacob asks a very old, pale man standing behind him.  
‘No, I’m alive, but I’m an alchemist, and therefore immortal,’ says 
the man before introducing himself as Nicolas Flamel. Later in the 
clip, Jacob tells Flamel, “You don’t look a day over 375.” 

 Other reports include details such as Grindelwald riding away on a sleigh, 
dark cats accompanying villains, and more scenes of London chaos.

 Meeting friends at the event.

Eddie hugs Gemma Chan who played Madam Ya Zhou in 'Fantastic Beasts and 
Where to Find Them'. She attended the event with the cast of 'Crazy Rich Asians'

Eddie and Alison (via alisudolupdates)

More on the movie:
“It’s a little magical. Pun absolutely intended.“

Monday, April 23, 2018

MCM - Eddie for Domani 2013 August - photos by Hiromichi Nozawa

Eddie Redmayne photographed by  by Hiromichi Nozawa 
Source: k280-2

Photos from his 2013 Japan visit in his nice blue plaid shirt.

Source: k280-2
Outtake - Source: k280-2

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More photos from Tokio

"I'm incredibly faithful and never jealous. It's a massive waste of energy. 
If you're going to get cheated on, it will happen anyway, so you might 
as well enjoy it up to that point." - Eddie Redmayne (via) ...

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Eddie on boat - quotes on watches, sailing and his love of the ocean

Excerpts from the Eddie Redmayne interview for Boat International by Peter Howarth

“I think Venice and New York actually have that same capacity to make your
knees buckle slightly, you never quite forget it.” And the approach across the
water is always memorable: “It was late last night, and we came in down the
tiny back channels. The mist was down and everything looked like Death in
Venice. We were completely sucker-punched by it – really beautiful.” 

Eddie in 'My Week With Marilyn'. Is this that watch?

The more you speak to him, the more you realise that Redmayne is quite
simply a romantic. His association with Omega, for example, is the indirect
result of the fact that his father wore one. “He had an Omega De Ville that
he’d been given. It was a very thin gold watch … and that was kind of
what I knew watches to be, and occasionally I’d borrow it.” Later he owned
his own Omega, and the firm then also lent him a timepiece; “I think
it was when I was doing My Week with Marilyn,” he remembers. Thus, 
getting involved with the Swiss watchmaker was, he says, quite “organic”.

You’d think Redmayne was a skilled sailor from the advertising campaign – he sits
at the tiller of a large sailing yacht, looking every inch the captain of his ship.
“So, here’s the truth. I did sail dinghies when I was a kid.” But the Omega shoot was
something else: a team of about 30 people were making sure the boat was under
control, he says. “When the helicopter came in to take the photo, said team of people
ran underneath; I was on autopilot looking like I knew exactly what I was doing.
It was the greatest acting moment of my life!”

He doesn’t, he explains, have any desire to sail anywhere challenging but he likes the idea 
of something more sedate: “Definitely more of the Aqua Terra vibe. I’m definitely more of 
the Ibiza, Formentera mindset; maybe a Greek island… Ithaca; maybe the Croatian coast, 
the Dalmatian coast… somewhere where you can see a bit of shore?”

Boat ride the day after premiering 'The Danish Girl' at Venice Film Festival (x) via

But the sea is a draw: “I do love being on the water; I think there is something incredibly 
freeing about it,” he says. “We were out on the boat for a couple of hours this morning, 
and it makes you so tired in a way that is a most wonderful thing, isn’t it?”

Full interview here

pic source: hope72

Dan Fogler's Reddit AMA on Sunday 15 April 2018 - Fantastic Beasts related excerpts

@danfogler: AMA SUNDAY FUNDAY! 4/15 starting 10am est till whenever! 

Hi my name is DAN FOGLER and I write Graphic novels... AMA

Jk was so cool. she said she really loved Jacob. cut from the same cloth as Ron. he get's to be 
comic relief, lover, and hero all in the same journey. she was as giddy and excited to share 
her story with us as we were to hear it.

...Jude is a Gentleman and his charisma is a sort of super power, pretty sure he's kryptonian he 
has this "crystal Gaze" that i'm convinced is Xray style. and a mench. if that makes any sense...
aaaaand Johnny. Johnny. Johnny. Johnny... what can i say? despite the sad fact that there was/
is a swirling wind of controversy around him, He was REALLY cool me. i can only state facts. 
and what i know is i didn't have a lot of scenes with the guy but when we were just chilling off 
camera he let me pick his brain about Brando and Hunter S. Thompson and Rock and Roll and 
he didn't have to do that. and it was just so Fun to have both of these Legends hanging around.

Um Ezra is Hysterical, Eddie is Rather Cheeky and both Alison and Katherine are lovely quirky 
giggle munchkins... but that Niffler man...he doesn't have to say anything and i'm in stitches!

after jacob's fiance leaves him, he goes home and his house keys don't he slumps and
walks all the way around the building and climbs up the fire escape and through the window.
it was all very Chaplain-esque and there was a great bit right as he opens the case that got
ommitted where jacob open's the case expecting muffins and he sees the stampede coming and
so he just calmly places the lid back down and backs away slowly in dread...that expression
though was so silent movie dead that stuff. but of course it was cut for time.

Loved Meeting Ron Perlman one of my heroes wish i could have a career like his, 
and that whole giggle water scene in general was so much fun!

it was a BLAST. i met Emma Watson she was lovely. and Warwick Davis was very nice. 
and of course Bonnie wright is a gem and Evanna is a doll.

i'll describe main troup: EDDIE: GENTLEMAN ALISON: ANGEL,

i'm not sure how it'll turn out but i'm pretty sure jacob becomes the watson to Newt's sherlock

it's like i'm charlie being let into the chocolate factory, i run home everyday fast as 
i can singing "I've got a golden ticket!" ...i'm not being facetious. its awesome

Eddie is a scholar and a gentleman and he can star in any movie i'm in as far as i'm concerned. 
pretty sure he'll be knighted soon.

I always add my sense of humor into my characters, can't help it. jacob is very close to me
in a lot of ways. his journey was a mirror image of mine coming into the magical franchise
being in awe. he's from nyc like me and my great grandfather was a baker on the lower
east side so it feels kinda like fate.

i'm sure newt will have some kind of magic armor for Jacob to wear. Jacob survived ww1 
pretty unscathed. he's good to have around in a fight.

loved shooting the erumpent scene. perfect blend of comedy and action.

i'll be surprised and very upset if i'm not.

yeah it's a classic duo i must say... i can't divulge anything but i can say that 
their relationship becomes more complex.

good question. i'd have to Say Chris Walken. he taught me as long as you are fully comfortable 
on camera then you will only get 3 directions your whole career doesn't matter who the director is: 
1) "Do one slower" 2) "Do one faster" 3) "that was great now split the difference and we got it!"
.... and holy fuck he's right!

that's tricky really love working with both and got to do more with Kat 
this time around but i guess Alison cause we work most together.

Check out and if you'd like to Buy his new Graphic novel 
BROOKLYN GLADIATOR VOLUME ZERO you may purchase on line here:

(screenshots and gifs from the DVD extra videos and the FBTCoG trailer)