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Eddie Redmayne got engaged to Hannah Bagshawe

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It's official now! Today's Times published the announcement of the engagement of Eddie Redmayne & Hannah Bagshawe. (x)
Congrats, Eddie & Hannah!
Their first public appearance together was in Wimbledon on 
25th June 2012. The pair indulged in traditional English afternoon
tea at the All England Tennis Club.
A source told Britain's Daily Mail, "They're terribly sweet together 
and Eddie is awfully protective. They held hands all day and while everyone else was outside drinking on the terrace Eddie took her inside and they shared afternoon tea from one plate. He even buttered her scones for her." (x)
Excerpt from Polly Vernon's intrview for The Times Jan 2013 (x):
I suspect he’s in love, too. Through the course of our conversation he makes a series of incidental references to a girlfriend called Hannah: she was at a lunch with his brother; she was on the Tube when someone took a surreptitious photo of him. When I ask about her directly, he says, “Yeah, I’m probably not going to speak about her. Sorry.”

"I’m lucky to be with someone who is very supportive." (x)

Eddie Redmayne's all loved up at Wimbledon: He spent most of the afternoon with his hand on her thigh
— except when he was clapping Andy Murray as he won through to the quarter-finals, of course.

It is with a twinge of jealousy that I offer my congratulatios to the lovely Hannah Bagshawe on her engagement to dashing Les Miserables star Eddie Redmayne.The 32-year-old actor popped the question to his PR exec girlfriend of two-and-a-half years last week - and she accepted.
'Everyone is over the moon,' a friend of Hannah told me last week. 'Her family and friends are delighted.'
No news on when the couple, above, will marry but I wonder if Eddie, who told me he would 'love to do a musical in the West End', plans to serenade Hannah with a Les Mis lyric or two?

US Weekly:
Eddie Redmayne Engaged to Girlfriend Hannah Bagshawe
"He had been planning on it for awhile," a source tells Us. "They have a very relaxed and supportive relationship … they seemed to have always known they were going to spend the rest of their lives together."
"He asked her father's permission—the whole deal."
"He's remained completely levelheaded through everything,"
Redmayne, 32, who told PEOPLE that he looks for "a proper sense of individuality" in a woman, as well as "comfort in their skin," also appreciates his fiancée's keen eye – for good reason.
"I'm color blind," he said, explaining to PEOPLE why Bagshawe helps him get dressed.

Glamour Magazine UK
What's that? Oh, just the sound of a million hearts breaking as Eddie Redmayne gets engaged.

Video: Eddie Redmayne engaged to Hannah Bagshawe

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Eddie in Borough - a new photo & one from 2008

Kate @Kateinuniverse tweeted 10:08 PM. on May. 29, 2014 via @bespokeredmayne:
I saw beautiful actor Eddie Redmayne today. Amazing!!
Beautiful smile and the indispensable glasses!

I wanted to add to my post Borough related stuff about Eddie and I found this hot photo taken in Borough in 2008.

Again, the shoelaces! eddieredmayne-for-pm & (x)

Links to the related articles - I posted quotes from these in my earlier posts already:
My Borough related posts (with quotes from some articles listed below and fanpics)
Eddie Redmayne's My London - Evening Standard (in my post about London)
Eddie, Steady, Go: The talented Mr Redmayne on Baftas, bankers and Birdsong
"Redmayne is a born-and-bred London boy, and seems almost as excited by the fact he has just had an offer accepted on his first flat, in Borough, as he is by his latest acting prize."

During my search I found an interesting tweet:
Norman Bowman@normanbowman69 tweeted 11:10 AM on June 18, 2012:
"I just eyeballed Eddie Redmayne in Borough - he was playing it cool but I could tell he was star struck."
I didn't know him before and I was curious why Eddie would have been starstruck, so I searched on Google a little.
Norman Bowman is an actor. He works mostly on the West End and he showed up in a few TV series and films. 
Interesting fact, that he played Marius in Les Misérables (and Tony in West Side Story) too.
Infos about him on his website:
Video: Norman Bowman in Wakefield College (starts with he sings a little from Empty Chairs at Empty Tables)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

New fan selfie from Wednesday & quotes from a 2012 interview

Just met and had a little chat with the beaut that is Eddie Redmayne in a restaurant in Chelsea.
Eddie Redmayne's back dining in his old hood, posing for a selfie with a lovely fan.
Eddie was born and raised in Chelsea and although he lives in Borough now, he often shows up around here.

Quotes from the interview:
RED ALERT - From Borough to Broadway. And back.
Interview with British star Eddie Redmayne in the run up to the release of My Week with Marilyn, 
cover feature in Living South magazine 2012 February Issue. 

...“I’m not aggressively ambition. The criteria for accepting work is just whether or not it appeals to me. Whatever medium that is. Whether it’s on stage or television or film is of no consequence really.
“And I don’t sit there think ‘Oh God, I wish I had that career’. I remember working with Alfred Molina, when we did ‘Red’ and I remember him saying ‘A career is something you look back on, rather than project’. I feel you take it step by step, pace by pace,” he adds....

...He was born and raised in Chelsea, but has since moved across London to Borough – a place he enthuses over without being prompted.
“I’ve lived [in Borough] for about four years. I have various favourite things… The market obviously, all of that Southbank area, right from where the National [Theatre] is, all the way down to Shad Thames. The last ten to 15 years, it has become European” he says, “in the most wonderfully, uniquely British way. There’s the celebration of the river… and I love the Design Museum in Shad Thames.
“I studied my first ever play there. It wasn’t at the Globe Theatre, but it was with the Globe Theatre company. We rehearsed there. That place has always got special value. And you can always nip across the river to St Pauls for evensong. You try and abuse those things, that London has and gives willingly but doesn’t advertise.”.....

...“I gave away my pub in an interview last time,” he laughs. “I think might keep it to myself!”
So, has it come to that? Being hounded in the streets and at bars by fans? “[People recognise me] sporadically,” he says. “More in the States than they do here. But it tends to be more ‘Do I know…?’ rather than ‘You’re the guy from…’ It’s where you’ve sort of battered your way into someone’s subconscious but they think you’re a friend from back at primary school.”

Eddie related pages from the Living South magazine 2012 Feb. (from the PDF available here.):
 For full size click on the pictures!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Photos from 2009 - Vogue Gucci Dinner at Saatchi Gallery

These beautiful photos about Eddie Redmayne were  taken on 01 April 2009, when he arrived to the 
Dinner Party in honour of Frida Giannini at the Saatchi Gallery, London, Britain.

About the event:
A vast array of stars from the worlds of fashion and entertainment turned up at the Saatchi Gallery on Chelsea's King's Road. They were all invited to a dinner thrown by Vogue UK editor Alexandra Shulman to honour Frida Giannini, the creative director for fashion label Gucci. The day before (Tues 31 Mar), Frida had been present at the official re-launch of the stunning newly refurbished flagship Gucci store on Knightsbridge's Sloane Street. This time however, she was the one being celebrated and there were plenty of celebrity guests around to help. After dinner the guests were treated to an acoustic performance by Richard Ashcroft. Photo by Richard Young / Rex Features

Richard Ashcroft hits playlist

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eddie for the March 2008 Issue of Interview magazine

‘Interview’ Magazine March 2008 Interview (link)
The photos were taken by Takay on Dec 21, 2007, the Eddie Redmayne interview by Chistopher Bailey 
(Burberry director) was in January 2008, before Eddie went to the Sundance Film Festival. 
They talk about:
for full size click on the pic!
- his family holiday in South Africa and his next trip to the Sundance without girlfriend, 
- Marokko, where Tara went for the New Year with friends
- Savage Grace and working with Hugh Dancy - I quoted from this in my post about Hugh.
- horse riding in Elizabeth I. and The Other Boleyn Girl
- Julianne Moore's and William Hurt's working method
- what theatre and film means for him - Scarlett Johansson's must watch film list
- living in LA for 3 month, while he was working on Powder Blue with Forest Whitaker and Jessica Biel
- New Orleans, where he spent some time during the shooting of The Yellow Handkerchief
- cooking bread sauce and making a huge ham at Christmas
- filming process - co-star friendships - his wish to go back to the theatre
"Because you do use different muscles in theater than in the movies. 
It’s time for me to check that those muscles are still functioning..."  link to the full interview again
In his latest interview at the Miss Saigon Press Night he talked about his wish to work in theatre again.

  source: (edited)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Eddie in Italy this weekend - fanpics and stalker photos

Eddie Redmayne in Fiesole on 24 May. And he was at the Uffizi in Florence, too. via (x) & (x)

Update: I think Eddie talked about the photo above in an interview for JOY Magazine:
"We were in the middle of nowhere in Florence one minute after I proposed to my wife,
and then two tourists appeared and they said: 'Oh My God! Can we take a selfie?!
And I just thought to myself, please, not now, this is the big moment of my life. So
somewhere there's a selfie taken moments after our engagement. (laugh)" 

BespokeRedmayne tweeted yesterday:
Appears he's spending a Bank Holiday weekend in Florence, Italy.
"@LoriBethhhh: Just ran into Eddie Redmayne in The Uffizi 😍”
Snapping selfie wfans: Eddie Redmayne in Florence, Italy Sat., taking in lots of art.

Carrie tweeted 10:48 PM on 25 May, 2014:
On the plus side, I met Eddie Redmayne in a museum yesterday, which was cool.
This is such a stalker photo lol

We sat down to eat lunch today and look over and see Eddie Redmayne
from Les Miserables the movie
Borgo Antico Firenze tweeted 11:13 AM on 26 May, 2014:
Last night, with Eddie Redmayne @eddieronline
Official site of the trattoria -

Brendan Johnson tweeted 0:51 PM on 26 May, 2014:
Penn hanging out with new friend Eddie Redmayne in Florence via (x)

BespokeRedmayne tweeted 3:17 PM on 26 May, 2014:
Back to London from Florence. Holiday over. 
"@ohitslucas 3:13 PM CET on 26 May, 2014:
hhhhh eddie redmayne is on my flight”

photo source siamagazine
siamagazine posted the news that Eddie proposed to his girlfriend while on a romantic getaway to Tuscany this weekend. This is probably true, they looked very loved up, but isn't official yet.
A little correction:
They first went public at Wimbledon on 25th June 2012.