Monday, September 29, 2014

International Coffee Day

Today we celebrate the International Coffee Day with a few pictures of Eddie Redmayne.

The Theory of Everything (x)

THR TIFF interview with Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones and James Marsh - video - gifs

Shortly after Eddie Redmayne finished shooting “Les Miserables”, he was spotted reading a new script,
texting and enjoying a cup of coffee outside the Fred Segal restaurant in West Hollywood 9.22.12 (x)

Q: Any more musicals in the pipeline?
A: No - You have to live on hot water, lemon & honey. No coffee or alcohol so I'm taking a break from them. (x)

Can you resist?
Tea or Coffee? Coffee (x)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Funny studio spinny with Flashy - cute video from Greg Williams

Eddie Redmayne being an adorable goofball. Credit to grewilliamsphotgraphy via (x)

Studio spinny with Flashy - gifs source: sirredmayne

Meet Flashy, Eddie Redmayne’s canine compadre on photographer Greg Williams’ studio spinny. (x)

Greg Williams's the photographer, who made the Stand UpTo Cancer campaign.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Early Oscar buzz - BBC interview and Toe review - captures and promo pic

BBC NEWS: Early Oscar buzz around Eddie Redmayne
Film critics are touting British actor Eddie Redmayne as a favourite to win an Oscar next year for his portrayal
of the British physicist Stephen Hawking...
Talking Movies' Tom Brook spoke to Eddie Redmayne to find out how the actor prepared for the role.

This BBC - Talking Movies article is based on this interview too:
Eddie Redmayne: ‘How I played Stephen Hawking’
Redmayne has been praised for a visceral performance that drew on months of research into the disease. He tells
Tom Brook about meeting Hawking on set, and what he learned from spending time with MND sufferers.
“It’s like being in a prison with the walls getting smaller everyday… 
what it did to Stephen was it catalysed him to live life fully.”

BBC CULTURE Review: The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything
…In The Theory of Everything, Eddie Redmayne seems like he was put on earth to play Stephen Hawking. 
First he is a gawkishly charming Oxford grad student in physics, the kind of guy who scrawls out the perfect answers to his professor’s brain-teaser questions on a train schedule right before class. And then, after he’s diagnosed with motor-neurone disease, as the audacious genius of space-time theory whose mind only grows more infinite as his body crumples up, his head hanging off his neck, his limbs twisted and useless, his mouth contorting itself around the words (and that’s when he can still speak).
This is acting out of the My Left Foot handbook, except that where Daniel Day-Lewis twisted his virtuosity over a bottomless pit of passion and rage, Redmayne rarely deviates from Hawking’s whimsical quizzicality. It’s a less wrenching, more user-friendly tour de force. 

Fortunately for Hawking, Jane (Felicity Jones), a comely, devoted fellow student, has fallen for his brain, and for his kindness; she marries him, gives him children, and (mostly) stands by him. That they have an active sex life is treated with a happy wink. It’s the film’s slightly funny way of saying, “You don’t need to feel sorry for Stephen Hawking.” 
I just wish that the movie allowed us to feel our way into his mind more. Not his theories, which shift back and forth with the wind: the universe is expanding, then it’s contracting, then time has an end, then it’s infinite – and it is all a great big metaphor for… love (or something). No, I wish that Hawking’s story had been made much more intensely personal and lacerating. When you watch The Theory of Everything, you know that Stephen Hawking exists – and Redmayne’s inspired mimicry nails him – but you also feel that if he didn’t, a movie like this one would have had to invent him.

Related article:
'I don't like to think of films being in competition with each other'-Cumberbatch on Imitiation vs Theory talk
Benedict Cumberbatch says there’s an audience for both his “imitation Game” and Eddie Redmayne’s
“The Theory of Everything”

#HeForShe campaign supporter

Eddie Redmayne joined the #HeForShe campaigne. Emma Watson posted his photo on Twitter.
(this photo is an edited version, the original is here)
Emma Watson launched #HeForShe (a UN campaign concerned with gender equality) in New York in September 2014 with a poignant, game-changing speech. Emma extended a ‘formal invitation’ to men, asking them to view gender equality not as a women’s issue, but as everyone's issue, a human rights issue. (x)

“Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. 
Both men and women should feel free to be strong.”

Emma Watson's moving speech about gender equality and the he for she campaign:
Emma Watson delivered a rousing speech in her role as UN Women Ambassador in New York over the weekend.
“For the record, feminism by definition is: ‘The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities’,” she said, before extending a “formal invitation” to male members of her audience to join her in her campaign.
To join heforshe:

The Independent article:
Tom Hiddleston backs Emma Watson's #HeForShe gender equality campaign 
“@EmWatson you are impeccable and extraordinary,” Hiddleston tweeted alongside an earnest image of his face, holding up a piece of paper with the tag #HeForShe written on it. “I stand with you. I believe in gender equality.” (x)
He followed it up by posting a link to her speech, quoting her phrase (x)
“Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong.”
Other household names who have pledged to the #HeForShe campaign include Douglas Booth (x),
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (x), Sean Pegg and more.

Vanity Fair:
Emma Watson’s Feminist Campaign Gets Support from 
Tom Hiddleston,Russell Crowe, and More
Article about the campaign with slideshow

Thursday, September 25, 2014

New trailer for Jupiter Ascending - video, gifs, captures

Eddie Redmayne's new scenes in the trailer

gifs source sirredmayne


Other interesting new scenes

 Balem's siblings in the trailer

Bilbao scene in the trailer

Some of these scenes filmed in the Ely Cathedral
 The screencaptures from the trailer are made by myself (x) (x)
(for full size click on the pictures)

Check out a seriously menacing Eddie Redmayne in the new Jupiter Ascending trailer
...Jupiter Ascending looks like a retina-burning thrill ride that should look amazing on the big screen, proving
that blockbusters aren’t just for the summer holidays.
And how creepy/whispery does Redmaybe look. British villains really are the best...
...Kunis’ character is empowered and central to events, rather than the damsel in distress seen in earlier versions.
As judged by this preview, Jupiter Ascending will be The Hunger Games in space. Doesn't that just seem like
a more fun movie than what was originally advertised?...

The Telegraph: Douglas Booth interview
...The next film we’ll see Booth in is Jupiter Ascending, a long-awaited, long-delayed science fiction epic from the Wachowski siblings, which is now due for release in February. He plays some kind of intergalactic playboy called Titus Abrasax, part of a dynasty that also includes Eddie Redmayne and Tuppence Middleton’s characters. I think. Details of the plot are closely guarded, and even Booth has a job on his hands straightforwardly explaining it.
“When I first got the script, it was delivered and then taken away, because it’s so secret. Someone said, 'Douglas, make sure you take a notebook, because it will be hard to follow.’ Because the Wachowskis create so much original material. They won’t just call a table a table. A table will be some new word that they’ve invented. Everything has to be new and original and bizarre.”...

Gifset from xoxoeddie and sirredmayne
3news: Sean Bean amazed at Jupiter Ascending effects