Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Eddie in Spain - new photos

From left to right: Anabel Rivera, Miguel Ángel Heredia, Eddie Redmayne,
Claudia Cruz, Alejandro Mendoza, Pasión Vega and David Palomar

The beach bar located on the Santa María del Mar beach, Tirabuzones, had a special celebration
on Sunday night. The singer Pasión Vega celebrated her birthday surrounded by friends, including
many musicians and dancers from Cádiz. There were performances by Anabel Rivera with
Alejandro Mendoza on guitar and the dance of Claudia Cruz and Miguel Ángel Heredia. 

Eddie and his team were there at the time. He joined the celebrants and posed for a few
photos with them. David Palomar has commented in his Instagram post that it is "a luxury"
to have spent an "incredible night" with this company. "And the icing on the evening
was put on by some artists from our land"

Anabel Rivera posted on Facebook: Here in Cádiz, not every day can one sing for joy
to this great British actor🤩 Eddie Redmayne.♥️ 
A night of sharing art... and it happened without waiting and without forcing 😍🙏. 
Listening to a Viennese waltz in the voice of Pasión Vega.
Or the last drink of Chavela Vargas in the voice of David Palomar ♥️🌹
The dance of joy by Claudia Cruz and the Soleá by Miguel Ángel Heredia and
the toque of Alejandro Mendóza with the zambra of Niño Ricardo....❤️
Cádiz was moved, respectful, and full of gratitude.
Thanks to Tirabuzón for the treatment and that beautiful corner
on the beach. And to ferdysound.

Ferdy Domínguez wrote in his Facebook post: We were not going to refuse a photo with them,
were we? 😂 The great Passion Vega and the güerito Eddie Redmayne from Fantastic Beasts.
Nice party!


Pasión Vega posted two more photos on her Instagram.

She revealed something about why Eddie was in Cádiz. His trip
was part of his preparation for his role in The Day of the Jackal.

It has been a week since I shared unforgettable moments with unique people... on my birthday.
Life gave me the gift of being able to share it with many friends and with part of the team of
the next series that my dear friend Ronan Bennett has written, and to advance in the work
came to Cádiz for a few days, its magnificent director Brian Kirk, Jeremy, and the dazzling
Eddie Redmayne … really Eddie Redmayne is one of the most special people I have ever met:
attentive, observant, elegant … so warm, and bright. We will never forget any of the attendees
the art that Anabel Rivera, David Palomar, Miguel Angel Heredia, Claudia Cruz, and to the
touch Alejandro Mendoza guitarrista gave us in abundance, in that special place where
you can see the best sunsets and eat wonderfully in Tirabuzon Cádiz ...
thank you to everyone for these moments that remain tattooed forever in the memory.
🎁❤️🥰 #regalosdelavida #puestasdesolúnicas #cadizturismo #nocheflamenca

A fresh photo was taken at Sevilla Airport today (04.25.). 
Eddie Redmayne
❤️ 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕜𝕤 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕓𝕖𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕨𝕒𝕪 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕒𝕣𝕖❤️

Eddie told GQ Australia about his next project, 'The Day of the Jackal TV series:
“Like most of us, I'm an addict to long full television and the intricacy and the depth
of having these characters that you sit with for weeks on end. Since doing Cabaret and
The Good Nurse, I had a very thrilling year making those two things, they were both
really inspiring projects and really galvanised my love for what I do. And so I was
waiting to see what it would be that would really inspire me and these scripts came
along. They're written by a brilliant man called Ronan Bennett. As each episode
I read, I was desperate to read the next. They were thrilling. I loved the original film
and I love the book. And yet they felt so up to date and deeply compelling and quite
emotional. So as far as going back to television, it felt entirely the right format
for the right story. We don't start shooting for a wee bit. But in the prep of it,
I'm hoping it will be something super special.”

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Next project - The Day of the Jackal TV series

Eddie Redmayne is set to executive produce and star in Peacock and Sky’s upcoming
“The Day of the Jackal”. The thriller series is based on Frederick Forsyth’s novel,
which has been reimagined as a contemporary story set amidst the current turbulent
geo-political landscape and will delve deeper into the chameleon-like ‘anti-hero’.

The filming will run from June to early 2024, 
and Eddie will come to Hungary!!!!! 
The four main filming locations are Budapest, Austria, Croatia, and London.

“We are excited to bring to life Ronan Bennett’s re-imagining of Forsyth’s revered
thriller in the complex world in which we live today and are incredibly fortunate
to have an actor of Eddie’s calibre as our Jackal,” said Gareth Neame. “Paired with
Ronan’s screenplay and Brian Kirk’s direction, this is a first-class creative team.”

The series will stream on Peacock in the U.S. and Sky in the U.K., Ireland, Italy, 
Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. 
NBCUniversal Global Distribution will handle international sales of the series. 

(Sources: Variety, Deadline, The Wrap, and KFTV)

A photo was taken at the Artists Rifles Clubhouse on Friday 21st April 2023.
Was the shooting club visit part of his preparation for his new role? Probably.

Thanks to Cathy Corner who posted the photo on Facebook.
She wrote: 
"I got to look after Eddie Redmayne who was absolutely adorable."
In her comment, she described Eddie as
"he was so lovely and friendly really sweet and humble".

Omega Aquaterra shades launch

OMEGA hosted a special event for the Aqua Terra Shades collection at Somerset House in London
on March 22, 2023. Brand ambassadors Zoë Kravitz, Zhou Dongyu, and Eddie Redmayne arrived
as the evening’s special guests and helped to add even more style to a pure night of glamour.

Zhou Dongyu, Eddie Redmayne, Zoe Kravitz (Cr.: Omega Watches)

They have all starred in the Aqua Terra Shades campaign, “Every Shade of You”, showing how
colour can define their style. At the London event, they joined OMEGA's President and CEO,
Raynald Aeschlimann, on stage to discuss the unique timepiece designs. (omegawatches.com)

“Zoë, Zhou, and Eddie are the perfect role models for personal style.”
Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of OMEGA

Eddie reunited with his Fantastic Beasts co-star Zoe Kravitz (1) (2)

“I’ve been really trying to re-embrace the fact that red carpets are theatre and that you
can enjoy them,” he says, sitting on the top floor of Omega’s Her Time townhouse.
“One of the wonders of our job is playing dress-up, and it's one of the reasons
you get into acting when you're a kid. I’ve always been riveted by fashion.”

... He’s a seasoned regular on global best-dressed lists for fuss-free tailoring, but
his recent award season looks have seemingly levelled up. Traditional black tie has been
replaced with cropped dinner jackets, bow-adorned shirts and more avant-guard suits.
Marni, Saint Laurent and Valentino are brands regularly worn on rotation. Having hit
the four-zero hallmark last year, Redmayne has entered the age-range with the sartorial
panache of a man with unapologetic confidence. And we like to see it.

Photo by Mike Marsland

“I see fully in colour, but probably how I see colours differs from how you see them,”
he explains. “It's one of the reasons, before having Harry as my stylist and when
my wife was very influential, that I have been known to choose outfits that I think
are quite a nice colour, but that end up being a complete catastrophe.”
Still, there’s no look that a beautiful timepiece couldn’t rectify. “What I love about the
Aqua Terra, is the simple classicism of its shape, but also that the colours give it vibrancy,
which means you can wear something quite classic, and it will do the talking for you.”

“With my dad, my visual memories as a kid were of seeing him with the watch and
taking it off before swimming; it was a very valued thing.”

“I'm very lucky to have a very beautiful collection of Omega watches and I just
hope that my son has the same wrist size, and if not…” he says with a chuckle.
Well, there’s always the Flik Flak.

GQ Australia interview by Jessica Montague:

“One of the wonders of our job is playing dress up. One of the reasons you get into acting
when you’re a kid is transforming and the theatre of it, I suppose. And I’ve always been
riveted by fashion … for all the years styling myself, you get to meet designers and see
the brilliance of what they do quite up close and personal.

And I always enjoyed doing that and I enjoyed being playful with it, but [now] I have
two children, I had a big press tour for The Good Nurse and I didn’t have enough time
to go and organise myself, but also I was beginning to go, ‘I want to enjoy the theatre
of it and I want to get a new set of eyes on that.’ And I’d seen Harry Lambert, who’s
my stylist, who worked with Josh O’Connor, who is one of my favourite actors and
Emma Corrin, and the work that he had done with them, I saw as so intriguing. There
was a classicism to it, it was playful, so I asked Harry if he’d be up for it and he was.”

“It was a passion project of mine (Cabaret). And interestingly, I think the reason that
Harry Lambert, who couldn’t have been more busy, was up for working with me.
His books were closed, but fortunately he’d seen and enjoyed Cabaret. 

That period, it was so intense. It was almost monastic I think, because it was
incredibly physical and vocally, you can’t go out, you can’t go to a restaurant,
you have to sleep in [and given] I had two young children, my wife was taking
the burden. It was incredibly rigorous... It felt like a marathon in some ways,
but it was also the most thrilling experience in my life.

This was a production that was very intimate and we did it straight out after
the embers of the pandemic, the end of it and you felt this need for people,
whether it was the actors or the audience, to have interaction and that level
of intimacy and it was astonishing to be a part of.”

“It’s been quite effortless really, in the sense that I will choose what to wear. And
I’m lucky that there is such a variety within what Omega does, that there’s always
something that seems to sing with what you’re wearing.”

“I have always been a watch man. My dad had an Omega De Ville—very beautiful,
very classic and he is an elegant man and it was very much a treasured thing.

So when I started wearing watches, that was what I was aspiring to I suppose.
But one of the joys I’ve found with Omega is that there is so much storytelling.
They have such a ripe history and one of the things about going [to Switzerland]
with them is seeing the intricacy of the craftsmanship involved in telling these stories.”

 "I quite like getting places early in order to be able to sit, relax, like at the theatre,
to enjoy the moment. I love having time to enjoy, to indulge in nothingness.”

"...I've always preferred the proportion of scaled watches and it's one of the reasons
I love this new Aqua Terra range. It instantly felt like a good fit. But interestingly,
my wife loves wearing the men's watches. She loves wearing them as
a piece of jewellery, like a bangle almost.”

About playing James Bond: "... you know what your boundaries are.
And I love James Bond, but I'd much rather watch someone else.”

Omega Watches - Surrounded by colour, brand ambassadors Zoë Kravitz,
Zhou Dongyu and Eddie Redmayne ignite their personal style.