Friday, January 27, 2023

Kinloch Lodge Isle of Skye - Eddie's favorite staycation hotel in the UK

A photo with chef Jordan Webb and Isabella Macdonald. Eddie sang
two beautiful anthems during the signing at her wedding.

@kinloch_lodge: "Thank you dear #eddieredmayne for selecting Kinloch
as your favourite staycation hotel in the UK in the @evening.standard
We can’t wait to see you and your precious family again. ❤️" 

"There have been so many events and celebrations over the years including
the weddings of our three daughters and the arrival of our grandchildren.
Isabella's wedding was the first and was particularly memorable as Hugo's
great school and university friend, the actor Eddie Redmayne, sang
two beautiful anthems during the signing of the register. I can remember
sobbing as I listened to him rehearse because his voice was so exquisite."

‘This place was founded by the brilliant Claire and Godfrey Macdonald. As a child,
I was lucky enough to spend many summers lost in the kitchen here, and there’s also
nothing like a sub-zero dip in the loch to blast away the cobwebs after more recent
dubious attempts at doing a reel, fuelled by whisky. Claire is the most talented chef
and set up a stunning restaurant, now run by Marcello Tully.’

When a fan tweeted, that she met Eddie at the airport on 9th Dec. 2019.
I didn't know what he was doing there but based on Markus C. Hurek
photographer's Instagram posts from the time I have a strong tip.
I think he arrived back in NY from Scotland. 
on 7th Dec. 2019 at Kinloch Lodge Isle of Skye

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Dior Menswear Fall-Winter 2023-2024 - Paris Fashion Week

Eddie had a wonderful time at the Fashion show on Friday, Jan.20, 2023.
He sat in the front row with his wife Hannah and met some old friends,
including Robert Pattinson, Gwendoline Christie, and Karlie Kloss.

Hannah, Gwendoline Christie, Robert Pattinson, Eddie, and Naomi Campbell (via)

Rob and Eddie (via) (2)

The impressive lineup in the front row: Hannah and Eddie Redmayne, Karlie Kloss,
Cruz and David Beckham, Delphine Arnault, Robert Pattinson, and Gwendoline Christie

Eddie was sitting between two beautiful women, his wife Hannah and Karlie Kloss. (via)
Eddie had a photoshoot with the supermodel for Vogue in 2011.

David Beckham shared a backstage photo in his Instagram stories (via)
In the photo with his son Cruz, Robert Pattinson, and Eddie.

Eddie Redmayne Central Gallery photos:

In a new interview for British Vogue, Eddie praises the designer’s formal-with-a-twist
tailoring for its freshness. Also interwoven with those strong-yet-soft lines is the
romanticism the two creatives bonded over upon meeting at a V&A event some years ago,
when Kim Jones, the then-incoming menswear creative director, shared that his obsession
with the Bloomsbury set would underscore his vision for the house. 

Photos for British Vogue by Darren Gerrish

Thursday, January 12, 2023

80th Golden Globe Awards

Eddie attended the Golden Globe Awards with his wife Hannah
on January 10. at The Beverly Hilton in LA. He was nominated in
the 'Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture' category
for his performance in The Good Nurse.

"It's definitely true — I am obsessed with Julia Roberts," Redmayne told E!'s Laverne Cox.

"I told Jessica that Pretty Woman was one of my favorite movies, and Jessica
took it upon herself to try and force Julia to come and say hi," he quipped.
The result? "[Jessica] made it very intimidating, because you wanna be cool
when you meet Julia Roberts, and that was not happening," (via People)

Hannah, Andrew, and Eddie - Squad goals 👏 (via)

Andrew Garfield, Eddie Redmayne, and Austin Butler
Photo by Todd Williamsson (via)

Domhnall Gleeson, Hannah Redmayne, Juliette Bonass, and Eddie Redmayne
all looking fabulous at the 2023 Golden Globes (via)

Congratulations to Eddie's
SAG and BAFTA Nominations!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

W Magazine interview and screentest video

Interview by Lynn Hirschberg
Photographs by Jamie Hawkesworth
Styled by Sara Moonves

In the interview, Eddie talks about playing one of America's
most notorious serial killers. His performance earned him
a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor.
He discusses his role and his attempts at being a cool dad.

"I know the world is obsessed with true crime, but I have a slightly moral opinion
of fetishizing killers. Our film is not just about this monster—it’s about the hero
who stopped him. And she stopped him by using compassion and empathy rather
than through violence. That felt like an important message."

"Jessica and I went to nursing school for two weeks, which I found hilarious.
The older you get the more you romanticize education. You go, ‘Well, maybe
I want to go back to university. Maybe that would be a wonderful thing to do.’
And then you do go back, as we did, and quite promptly, you turn into the
15-year-old version of yourself. I was leaning back in the classroom. I couldn't
really concentrate. It was all science, and none of that made any sense to me.
When I was practicing with needles, I succeeded in injecting my finger.
It was a disaster."

In the new W Magazine Screentest video Eddie talks about "sort of" being a wizard
for his children, tells stories about how he crushed a wedding, his first love scene
in Savage Grace, his first redcarpet premiere, being a Capricorn and casting.

"They've seen a bit of the trailer. They both asked, “Daddy, are you a wizard?” 
Which is tricky because one of the perks of the job is that you get to do these
cool things and be an interesting dad. You want to say yes, but you also don't
want to lie to your children, so in the moment, I said, "Sort of.”..."

"It was in a film called Savage Grace. It was based on a true story. The character
I played was gay, and his mum, played by Julianne Moore, tried to sleep with him.
There ended up being a ménage à trois with another man, played by Hugh Dancy.
It was definitely one of the more surreal experiences of my life. And it turns from
incest to violence. My early work! [Laughs] Before I found tweeds and period dramas."

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Friday, January 6, 2023

Happy 41st Birthday, Eddie!

Happy Birthday, Eddie! Thank You for your kindness, generosity,
and the inspiration, and joy you give us. I wish you all the best.
Have a wonderful day and life!

You can support the MND Association, and
send a birthday message to Eddie here

News: BAFTA has published the 2023 BAFTA Film Awards nominations longlist
today. Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain are both listed in acting categories
for their performances in The Good Nurse. The final nominations
will be announced on Jan 19, with the ceremony due to take place on Feb 19.

The 80th Golden Globe Awards kicks off the awards
season on January 10, 5pm PT. Eddie is nominated in
the 'Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture' category