Sunday, February 23, 2020

No One is Exempt: Exploring JUPITER ASCENDING Five Years Later.

In his appreciative review, Jim Penola explains why he loves this movie despite its faults, analyzes
the film's values, defeats and messages. Detailed intellectual work. You can read the full essay here.

When I came out of my local cinema after the first screening of Jupiter Ascending in 2015
I felt proud that I'm Eddie's fan. I think his performance is fantastic. I can't describe it as
well as Jim Penola did in his 4000-word essay about the movie:

"The way he evaporates into and ignites the eldest Abrasax is a Day-Lewis-level feat.
Granted, it’s easy to write him off for his outrageous, Nic Cage-adjacent moments, but
those are mere punctuations that highlight the quiet, thinly-assembled psychosis of
an Oedipal heir. His explosions can overwhelm to the point that it’s easy to forget his
default setting, which is a creaking, reptilian whisper that seems to be our one clue that
(while his body is mere decades old) his soul has been aged and poisoned by millenia."

Eddie said in an interview: "I’m a total Marmite actor.
You either love what I do or hate it."

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

ZOO Magazine outtakes by Roger Rich

Thanks to Roger Rich photographer, who posted on Instagram these beautiful
outtakes from his photoshoot for the winter issue of ZOO Magazine

"Outtake of the wonderful Mr. Eddie Redmayne
for the winter issue of @zoomagazine."
Styled by @millermode Grooming by @petransellge
using @tomfordbeauty Tailor @karen.avenell
Post-production @taylorlightco.
Thanks to @joseklap @differemmentsemblables
Special thanks to @premierpersonalpr.
(1) Eddie wears a suit by @boss
(2) Eddie wears @roberto_cavalli Watch @omega.
(3) Eddie wears shirt by @emmawillislondon
Bow tie @turnbull_asser Cummerbund @brooksbrothers
Cuff links @aspreylondon Trousers @ferragamo
Sources (1) (2) (3)

FilmNation Launching Sales on ‘The Good Nurse’

Variety announced the news that FilmNation will launch international sales
on 'The Good Nurse', set to star Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne,
at the European Film Market (EFM)

I listened to the audiobook of Charles Graeber’s novel in 2018 after I first
read about the project in a Deadline article and I’m so excited. This is a
very interesting story and I’m sure Eddie will be phenomenal in the role. 
A significant part of the plot takes place in 2003 when Charles Cullen
was captured. Eddie plays the nurse who is regarded as one of the
most prolific serial killers in history, now called “Angel of Death”. 
Finally not a period piece, a contemporary villainy role for Eddie.
A complicated character, a challenging role that shows his range.

Outtake from the Sharp Magazine photoshoot by Doug Inglish (x) 

Will we have two movie premieres in 2021? I hope so.

Update - great news:
DEADLINE reported: “In one of the biggest sales deals to come together
at any EFM, we understand Netflix is nearing a world rights pre-buy
in the region (Europe) of $25M for The Good Nurse...
Additional casting is in the works with shoot being lined up for this year. ”

The movie tells the true story of the pursuit and capture of Cullen. Jessica
Chastain plays his co-worker nurse who helped the detectives to stop him.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Eddie started February in NY

Eddie Redmayne started February spending some time in New York. He arrived at Newark
airport on 1st February and spotted walking and chatting with a friend a few days later. He
was in a great mood. I'm so pleased to see him happy, that's why I felt I have to share these
photos. 'The Aeronauts' has overlooked this awards season, so we rarely see him these days.
(Photos via eddieredmayneclub_rus. on IG)

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Dolly Parton Meme Challenge - Oscars 2015

Dolly Parton started a viral trend on the web lately. The challenge is choosing 4 photos
appropriate for the different social media platforms. Let's do it with Eddie Redmayne photos!
This is great fun, there are many options. - Read more about the challenge here

The Academy Awards ceremony will be held tonight. This reminded me of Eddie's great
night in 2015, when he won the Best Actor Oscar. I chose this theme for my first meme.

And here's another compilation for the same theme. I cannot decide which one I prefer.

Maybe I'll do some more in the near future.

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Eddie was spotted toting a huge bag of clothes through H&M's
Kensington branch on Friday lunchtime (Jan.31, 2020)
Eco-friendly A-lister Eddie Redmayne drops off his old designer
gear at H&M in Kensington as part of the store's recycling scheme...
(yet turns down their £5 incentive voucher!)