Thursday, November 28, 2019

Journey to the Skies Featurette for The Aeronauts

An inside look at the making of The Aeronauts, including how the project came to be,
the inspirations of the characters and the vision of the filmmakers. Cr. Amazon Studios

Behind the scenes of filming the take-off scene

Filming the storm scene

“This is a story about dreaming to look up. There is an extraordinary
wonder and formidable freedom up there in the sky when you’re in a
balloon, but you’re always subservient the nature.” - Eddie Redmayne

 my gifs and screenshots from the video

Sunday, November 24, 2019

SHARP Magazine Winter 2020 - The Theory of Eddie Redmayne

sharpmagazine: "The beloved English actor and king of period pieces ditches
the heritage tweed for some camo and denim our Winter 2020 cover shoot.
In the exclusive interview, Redmayne reflects on modern Hollywood and his
thrilling new roll in the biographical adventure film @theaeronautsmov."

I already shared last week the cover photo posted by SHARP Magazine, and
now we can also enjoy the interview by Calum Marsh and the beautiful
photos by Doug Inglish on their website here. The Winter 2020 issue is
on newsstands now. Here are some quotes and photos from the article.

"It’s been a long, long time since I wore a pair of jeans,... I was actively looking for
something contemporary, probably American,... I so wanted to get out of tweed.”

Why he still accepted the role of James Glaisher in The Aeronauts? “I know,” 
he sighs. “Yet it was such a thrilling prospect for me. I read the script and
I just thought, ‘I would kill to see this in a cinema.’ That’s what did it.”

“There are always things you aspire toward, with the acknowledgment
that you’ll never quite get there. But you shape yourself in the process.”

“Each job I do, I watch, I see what I got wrong, and I try to improve
for next time,... I feel like my whole career has been like that.”

“I have never had specific aspirations,... In fact, the roles that have been most
successful for me have been parts that someone told me I should play when I
didn’t really see it. People often ask me if there’s a part I want to play someday, 
but it’s never worked like that. I enjoy jumping off a cliff.” - Eddie Redmayne

Photography: Doug Inglish @douginglish⁠⠀⁠⠀      
Styling: Jill Lincoln + Jordan Johnson @jillandjordan⁠⠀⁠⠀ 
Grooming: Barbara Guillaume @barbaraguillaume⁠⠀⁠⠀
Art Direction: Elena Viltovskaia @eviltovskaia

Eddie for ICON Magazine Italy - photoshoot by Francesco Carrozzini

Eddie Redmayne on the latest issue of ICON magazine Italy. (x)

francescocarrozzini on IG: "Thank you for letting me
be free to take the pictures that I love! Eddie Redmayne you are a star!


A passion for theatre was the starting point of his career: the Academy Award-winner
Eddie Redmayne talks about his beginnings, his family and a personal sense of joy. (x)
Finding joy in all the characters he performs is the deepest side of his art. (x)
Interview with Eddie Redmayne by Angelo Pannofino, styling by Karen Kaiser.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

IMDB video Twitter Q&A for fans

Eddie Redmayne took over the IMDB handle for The Aeronauts.(x)
Eddie answered fans' questions on Wednesday in New York
when he had a day off from filming The Trial of the Chicago 7.
Before this Eddie did another one, a Reddit AMA Q&A

#EddieRedmayne chats about the funniest prop he stole from set, his favorite kind of pizza,
and what he loves most about his @AeronautsMov co-star #FelicityJones. #ICYMI,
Watch the IMDB Twitter Q&A videos here 🎈
Eddie was spotted chatting with his publicist Carrie
while on the go on Wednesday in NY. - Photos here ...

Friday, November 22, 2019

Variety Cinema Essentials - amazing New featurettes for The Aeronauts

Variety and Amazon Studios teamed up for Cinema Essentials to promote their films in the
awards season. They published two wonderful featurettes for The Aeronauts this week.
Felicity Jones Soars & The Craft Flies High
Entertainment expert Dave Karger previews the film

Filming in the studio

There were rehearsals before the filming. They practiced the physical elements as well.

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne really went up in the sky filming with a pilot hiding
in the basket of the gas balloon.

'The Aeronauts' - Felicity Jones Soars | Variety Cinema Essentials

Academy Award nominee Felicity Jones has proved to be at home in every film genre, from
period dramas to action adventures. All of her skills come into play in "The Aeronauts,"
as daring balloon pilot Amelia Wren battles 19th-century social norms on the ground 
— and the merciless elements aloft.

'The Aeronauts’ - The Craft Flies High | Variety Cinema Essentials

A dream team of artists and technicians pool their talents to re-create Victorian England
in fascinating detail. Then they take the action aloft to bring cinema audiences the thrill
of moving across the sky at a heart-stopping height of 30,000 feet.

View more exclusive interviews, analysis and behind-the-scenes glimpses of
Amazon Studio’s awards contenders: