Monday, October 23, 2023

Eddie reprises his Cabaret role on Broadway in 2024

It's official! Eddie reprises his Olivier-winning performance
as the Emcee alongside Gayle Rankin as Sally Bowles. 

 For this thrilling production of Cabaret, the creative team will transform the August Wilson
Theatre into the Kit Kat Club with an in-the-round auditorium and sinfully dreamlike spaces
which guests will be invited to explore featuring pre-show entertainment, drinks, and dining. 
After purchasing tickets, guests will receive a “club entry time” to allow them to take in
the world of the club before the show starts.

 Eddie said: “It was whilst playing ‘The Emcee’ in a student production of Cabaret
over 25 years ago that my love for theater was properly ignited. It now feels
completely thrilling and a little surreal to be a part of Rebecca’s truly unique vision
of Masteroff, Kander, and Ebb’s brilliance as it arrives on Broadway, where the piece
has such a history. I am beyond excited to be doing it arm-in-arm with the remarkable 
Gayle Rankin and a truly stunning cast and team. I am hoping we will create
an experience for you quite unlike any other.” 

Previews for Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club will begin on Monday, April 1, 2024.
The production will have decadent twin opening night gala celebrations starting
Saturday, April 20 which will continue into the following night, with
the official press opening on  Sunday, April 21.
Tickets for Cabaret will be placed on sale through Saturday, March  29, 2025,
with Redmayne and Rankin scheduled to play a limited engagement
through Saturday, August 31, 2024. Starting Monday, June 17, 2024,
Redmayne will not perform on Monday evenings and
Rankin will not perform at Wednesday matinees. 

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Quotes from last week's TheaterMania interview by David Gordon:

"I’ve been back to see every cast that’s taken over since I left. What Rebecca has crafted
is a piece that has a form, but also allows for absolute individuality to flourish within that.
Every Kit Kat member has their own personality, their own costume, their own vibrancy.
I honestly feel, at this point, thrilled to be part of this amazing legacy."

"You’re absolutely right that a lot of actors do not enjoy hearing themselves, but
I have listened to the album. I tend to dwell more on other people’s songs than my own,
because it takes me back to the memories of standing in the wings, waiting. Every night,
I would introduce Jessie Buckley to sing “Cabaret” and would go and peek through
the curtain to watch her deliver this roar of a song. Those are the memories that I take away,
and having that captured in the live recording is everything for me. When I listen to it,
it’s about going back to a wonderful place in my memory."

"It’s really important that it was a live recording because the Emcee, in some ways,
falls flat if he doesn’t have something to interact with, given that the audience is the other
character. The idea of canned laughter is sort of absurd. I love that there are moments in it
that people are laughing and the person listening, unless you’ve seen the show, has no idea
what’s going on."

"Physically, it was an extreme toll. I’m not going to lie. I’ve not done anything like this.
First thing in the morning, you’re in the shower checking that all the vocal pieces are there,
and you fear that they’re not. My struggle was always finishing the anarchy of “Two Ladies,”
because the Emcee would scream and be all over the place, and then I would have to find
the poise to come into this choral version of “Tomorrow Belongs to Me,” where I sing
the top vocal part over three of my own recorded voices.

I really struggled with that for the first couple of weeks. It was our brilliant choreographer,
Julia Cheng, who is a stunning dancer and a brilliant spirit, who helped me when I appealed
to her. One night, she took me from when I came off stage after “Two Ladies” and walked
my track with me to where I had to come on for “Tomorrow Belongs to Me,” giving me
breathing exercises and almost a meditation, because it was my anxiety that I was
struggling with. That was very helpful."

"You know, I’m thrilled that Broadway is going to get this production. I’m really thrilled
for Rebecca. She’s one of the great directors of our time. She’s stunning. And Tom and Julia
and the designers…I’m so excited to Broadway to hear their voices in some ways.
And Jordan, our associate director. These are brilliant voices and I feel lucky to have spotted
some of their work early in London, and for Broadway to get to be introduced to their work,
I’m just really excited."

Photo credit: Mason Poole (via)

Casting newsAto Blankson-Wood, a Tony-nominated actor known for Slave Play,
has been cast as Cliff. 

Monday, August 28, 2023

The filming continous in Budapest - sightings in the city

 At the end of June Eddie returned to Budapest to continue filming The Day of the Jackal
series. He took photos and selfies in the city with lucky fans.

A lucky restaurant employee posted on June 29:
"It's a really special moment 🤩 when your favorite actor stops in front of
your restaurant and looks at the menu...Now he's listening to a text and
studying a script, but he says he'll be back for a dinner."
She wrote on Instagram: "🤪❤️I have special days🤗🌹 ❣️So was today
🥰🌷🥰 Wow...what a meeting🤗🌹❣️ It doesn't sound very sappy when
I say My Favorite, isn't it👍🥰Eddie Redmayne❣️❣️❣️Thank you❣️❣️❣."

Another fan photo  from the IG stories of @lunuska was taken on June 29 (via)  
The translation of the image caption: The crowning glory of my museum career 😍
@lunuska posted the original selfie with the caption "Best workday ever 😳" 

A selfie at the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest
posted on June 30 by @nikolay.nobel on Instagram


Espresso Embassy posted on July 26: "We were happy to welcome him for a coffee."

The filming of The Day of the Jackal didn't stop, it can continue filming as
it is contracted under the UK union Equity, not SAG Aftra. (source IFTN).
The strike is not lawful under UK legislation, SAG cannot protect its members
with Equity contracts so they have to continue working. If they don't they are
at risk of being sued for breach of contract. Equity encourages members
to join rallies and demonstrations organized in solidarity with SAG-AFTRA.

Eddie's co-star Lashana Lynch is also in Budapest filming.
Its location is Andrássy Avenue and Octogon in Budapest.

"...It was really magical when we saw Eddie Redmayne in the audience..."

He played the Sonata in B flat major No.3 K.281 by W.A. Mozart.
Location: Béla Bartók Conservatory (high school of musical arts)
Budapest, Nagymező u. 1.

Update Jan. 7, 2024:
Thanks to @moons_piano who posted a video and photos on Instagram.

@moons_piano wrote (translated with Google Translator):
...⭐️Why is this person here...
Actually, after Junhyuk finished rehearsal, I was out of my mind too.
When I went out to the lobby, there were a lot of guests.
He thought, ‘There is such a handsome man.’
I said Please come in lol
This person was "Eddie Redmayne from Fantastic Beasts"...
After the performance, the audience went crazy... haha.
But what’s really amazing is that someone is that famous.
came alone without a manager and watched the performance from start to finish.
And he waited until Junhyuk came out... and even congratulated him.
I heard that he came and waited an hour before the performance.
It's crazy.
Why is this person in Hungary, out of all the places, at Junhyuk’s recital?
He's been dazed for lol
When I came back to Korea for no reason
watched Fantastic Beasts again on the plane😍
It still feels like a dream... He looks really handsome in person
I was so busy that I couldn't even take a picture together, it's too bad🥲

Another new photo from last week via cramcreamott on Twitter

Selfie with Eddie in Budapest Saturday morning (08.26).
The man with him is a Hungarian actor and singer Bálint Magyar.
He wrote in his post: "Early risers find Eddie Redmayne"
(Another translation: The early bird gets Eddie Redmayne.)

A new photo with a fan at the Blueberry Brunch today (Aug. 28).
We have hot sunny weather, about 30°C.

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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Video from the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo

New/Old Vídeo (in four parts): Eddie at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Tokyo.
Credit: Lego Jems YouTube channel.

Monday, June 26, 2023

New photos - Eddie and Andrew in London

Eddie and his friend Andrew Garfield were photographed recently in London. The pair were seen
laughing and hugging as they shared a walk in the sun in London’s Marylebone.

You look good Mr. Redmayne! No one could tell, that you are 41 years old.
This radiant smile makes you look much younger.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Conversation with MND Association volunteer Lesley Connor

For this year's Global MND Awareness Day (June 21), MND Association patron
Eddie Redmayne had a chat with Lesley Connor, one of the remarkable volunteers
of the charity. In the conversation, he discovers Lesley's 20-year journey, some of
her invaluable roles, and the impact she's made on those affected with MND. (x)

Eddie has been working for the MNDA for about 10 years since he made The Theory of Everything.

"I met a man called Glenn Phillips when I was preparing to do The Theory of
Everything. I went to the Queen's Square Neurology Clinic and spent time meeting
- and was introduced to families. There were many extraordinary people that I met
but I will never forget Glenn, who was a sort of academic in film. He just had
such a vibrancy to him and a kind and overwhelming courage at the moment..."

Eddie went beetroot when Lesley said she was the lucky one chosen to talk to him
and praised his work for the association.

"It's so much interestingly for me about awareness and I agree with you like that has shifted and changed. Certainly, I remember wen just after The Theory of Everything there was also the 
Ice Bucket Challenge moment (1) (2) and there was, but it's about retaining that awareness because
I think for you and me it feels like that was only yesterday, but actually, the years do move on..."

My screenshots from the video.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Tony Awards footage celebrating John Kander and Joel Grey

John Kander and Joel Grey picked up their lifetime achievement award Tony on June 11th. 
In the video below, a group of West End Emcees including Eddie Redmayne, Fra Fee,
Mason Alexander Park, Callum Scott Howells, and Matthew Gent discussed the duo's
iconic contributions to musical theatre.

My screenshots from the video.

Broadway Journal reported, that Ambassador Theatre Group and Underbelly Productions
plan to transfer their hit West End revival of Cabaret to Broadway. Eddie Redmayne
has committed to reprise his performance as the emcee. Rebecca Frecknall is slated to direct
the production, which is to begin previews in March 2024 ahead of an April opening.

At the moment, Jujamcyn, the Broadway landlord that recently merged operations
with U.K.-based ATG, has only one venue available: the August Wilson Theatre,
where Funny Girl is scheduled to close on Sept. 3.

Friday, June 9, 2023

Eddie is in Budapest, he was spotted in the city on Monday

 Eddie arrived in Hungary for filming his new TV series 'The Day of the Jackal'.
He was spotted at a student demonstration in the István Széchenyi Square in Budapest
on Monday (June 5. 2023). He probably met the protestors when he was walking by. 
Photos by Zsolnai Péter (Source:BLIKK)

He was in a good mood and he looked fantastic.

Eddie took a selfie and chatted with a young protestor.

Eddie Redmayne in front of the building of the Ministry for Home Affairs.
(or Ministry of Interior - I'm not sure which translation is better)

In my opinion, the meeting was not planned, but I think he agrees with the demonstrators.
This wouldn't be the first time he stands up for independent good education. 
In 2020 Eddie signed an open letter in which the defining figures of British cultural life
expressed their support to the students of the Hungarian University of Theater and Film.

The letter lists the stages of the transformation of the SZFE, from the appointment of the
new board of trustees to the resignation of the senate and the occupation of the university.
The letter states that the transformation of the SZFE is part of a cultural struggle through
which they try to deprive the cultural sphere and institutions of their autonomy.
At the end of the letter, they ask the Hungarian government to restore the intellectual and
managerial autonomy of the SZFE, which they believe is vital for artistic creativity,
academic research, and education

This is the third time he works in my Country. He spent a long time here filming

Casting news about The Day of the Jackal

Variety reported that Lashana Lynch is set for a starring role in the
Sky and Peacock series. She will play Bianca, described as “a tenacious
law enforcement agent determined to catch The Jackal.”

Per the official logline, the series “is a bold, modern reimagining of the beloved
and respected novel and film. This contemporary drama will stay true to the DNA
of the original story while delving deeper into the chameleon-like ‘anti-hero’ at
the heart of the story in a high-octane, cinematic, globetrotting ‘cat and mouse’
thriller, set amidst the turbulent geo-political landscape of our time.”

Other photos from Hungary

In preparation for his role, Eddie had a super intensive driving technique training at a training
circuit in Zsámbék Hungary. @drivingcamp posted the photo below on June 9.

His trainer Adorján Tamás was a three-time Hungarian champion motorcycle
racer. Now he works as a driving technique instructor at Driving Camp
and competes in the Hungarian Slalom Championship. 


Eddie with fans in Budapest on June 14. (via)