Monday, June 30, 2014

Gordy the mechanic - a scene where Eddie repairs a car

A few captures and gifs from the scene, where it turns out that Gordy (Eddie Redmayne) 
can repair not just computers, but cars as well. He's a little handyman.


sources: and-run-the-heart and Eddie Redmayne Web (edited)
Excerpt from a review:
When Gordy’s car springs a leak, he pulls over to a grimy old gas station, long since abandoned. As he rummages through the garage looking for ways to fix the car, Martine, frustrated by another setback, complains to Brett about Gordy’s social ineptitude. As her words trail off into the bayou, Brett mutters that she should be patient with him. Alone in the wilderness, without the luxury of a crowd to disappear in, the three begin to realize that despite their mutual strangeness, they are no longer strangers, to each other and to us. (x)

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Les Mis and Tony interviews by BWW's Richard Ridge - videos, photos, gifs

BroadwayWorld's Richard Ridge chats with Eddie Redmayne about his history with director
Tom Hooper, his obsession with the role of 'Gavroche,' and more! - video

 My screenshots from the video above
more in my tumblr post here

Broadway Beat was backstage at the 2010 Tony Awards talking to ALL the winners right after they won! 
Here, host Richard Ridge talks to Eddie Redmayne, recipient of the 2010 Tony Award for Best Featured 
Actor in a Play.

gifs source: iloveeddieredmayne
BWW articles:
..."Intense, bitchily witty. A brilliantly acted production. Molina plays Rothko splendidly. Redmayne is thrilling to watch," wrote Paul Taylor, The Independent. "Michael Grandage's production is riveting. Audiences will find themselves engrossed and held rapt. Molina and Redmayne's individual strengths are remarkable, but it's the quality of their listening to each other that makes them mesmerizing," cheered David Benedict, Variety...
BWW hot topic: Red

Tony noms press day May 5, 2010 - photos:

gif source: iloveeddieredmayne

New infos about 'Jupiter Ascending' - Empire article

Warner Bros Published a new trailer. The content much the same as the long trailer released three month ago,
with a little more special effects and the confirmation of the 2015 February release date.

I learned about the Empire Magazine's new article via Twitter (x) and (x). This tells a lot of details we didn't know yet about the film and there are quotes from Eddie Redmayne and other cast members in it too. (edited scans below)

"There is something sort of Greek about it. These brothers and 
sisters, tussling on a grand scale, are like Greek gods."Eddie Redmayne

Concept art featuring Caine's history as a soldier fighting on an alien planet

Eddie Redmayne's despicable Balem is ready for his close-up.

"I was strung on these wires 40 feet in the air with a harness around me, which is transpires 
the Wachowskis invented back in the day. I'm basically spun in the air at about 50mph. It was 
for a moment in the film in which I go through what they call a 'grav-trough'. I almost vomitted 
at the end. I was so unprepared for this gigantic wedgie, dressed head-to-toe in leathers."

I made cropped images so you can read the article in the blog (for full size click on the pictures)

Jupiter Ascending is featured in the August issue of SFX magazine. Mila, Channing and Sean talk about their characters, Wachowskis, extraordinary storyline, flying in spaceships and the longest sequence to shoot.
“It’s about human consumption, and about how everyone is so self-centred on Earth and just consume everything, whether it be actual consumption – as in food and nourishment – or consumption in the sense of information and superficial items. It’s all that. And it’s also about destiny.” - Mila Kunis

Variety article about delaying the movie's release
Can Warner Bros. Avoid Another Wachowski Misfire?

Update 3rd July 2014: 
Mila Kunis in Cineplex Magazine
...“It’s really fun movie, it’s really smart, but also a really fun movie. You can look at the underlying
tones of consumption and the human desire to need and want, and that’s great, but it’s also just
a fun film to go and see.”...Read more

Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Sam Claflin!

Sam Claflin Eddie Redmayne's friend and co-star today celebrates his 28th Birthday. For the occasion I choose
a few pictures and a video from 'The Pillars of the Earth' and a 'Company Magazine UK' article about them.

Eddie and Sam in 'The Pillars of the Earth' - captures source: (edited)

Eddie Redmayne & Sam Claflin in Company Magazine UK - from Feb. 2012

Scan source (x) via (x) edited

Lucky fans with Eddie - photos I found on Twitter today

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NYC Dec 11 2012 - Hugh Jackman tribute event

Eddie Redmayne attended the Hugh Jackman tribute at the Museum of Moving Image with Hannah. Sirredmayne posted today one of the amazing photos of the event, this gave me the idea to post it with my other favorites here.
He shines, looks happy in these pictures.

photos source:
Times Square Chronicles: 
The Museum of Moving Images Gala Honors Hugh Jackman