Sunday, October 20, 2019

Chicago filming - fan adventures in the city

Thanks to @lets.matos who shared this wonderful photo. (location 1 on the map)
She met Eddie Redmayne in Chicago on Saturday 19th October.

Another new photo from Chicago posted by @desousathaiss on IG.

He's in the city filming outdoor scenes for 'The Trial of the Chicago 7'.
I wonder how he will look as Tom Hayden. I didn't find photos yet.

You find one more fanpic, and filming infos in my previous related post.

 The Trial of the Chicago 7 movie filming started on Monday 14th October 2019 (x) (x)
Photos above by Meghan and Steve Garcia

Sasha Baron Cohen and Jeremy Strong filming protest scene on Tuesday.
Source: JustJared

A group of people throwing paper at the park. (x) (x) more photos here
(location 3 on the map)

Night shoot in Grant Park on Friday18th October (x) (x)


Lots of stuff happened in Downtown Chicago Saturday night.
Filming location in Grant Park, set to look like the 1960's (x) (x)
(location 4 on the map)

 From Chicago 7 this morning - source @markhlyon via @filming_chicago on Twitter

Makeup and costume fitting in The Congress Plaza Hotel (location 2 on the map)
photos: @KerryLiu3

Archive photo from 1968 posted by @roadieric on Twitter
Will they recreate this in the movie? Looks like...

Chicago filming map - 1 fan met Eddie - 2 The Congress Plaza Hotel (Film crew HQ)
3 - 4 filming locations in Grant park

Thursday, October 17, 2019

My First... Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones interview with British Vogue

Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones share their “firsts” – from kisses to hangovers – with
British Vogue. Discover more about Jones's teenage crush, Redmayne's first job serving
drinks to the cast of Hollyoaks, and his enduring penchant for Disney characters.

“Now I have a really crap memory, so - I don’t know if you were asking Felicity
this question as well - but she might come up with a different answer. It was either
at a mutual friend Polly Stranham’s house. And I remember going and having a
night out there, and I think I met Felicity there, but also then met at an audition…
and the director wanted to see if we had chemistry, so he just told us to stare at
each other, so we just stared at each other.for about an uncomfortable minute
and a half and I never got a callback. So I don’t think that went pretty well.”
- Eddie Redmayne about his first meeting with Felicity Jones

First hangover: "My friend & I stole a bottle of Jack Daniels & got very, very drunk.
My friend ended up being sick over the singles section in Our Price. Left him outside
his front door. I got home & fell asleep & woke up to a cracking hangover with my
mum screaming up the stairs, telling me that my friend’s mum was on the phone and
what had I done to her son."

Film you watched: "It remains one of my favourite films & I just showed it to my daughter
the other day & it was the Disney cartoon of Robin Hood. Still so brilliant. I love it."

I’ve made it moment: "I’d done a television series called Pillars of the Earth and
I came outside on Broadway between two shows and there was a massive poster
for Pillars of the Earth on Times Square. That felt like quite a big deal. Then
trying to do a sort of sly selfie of you in the foreground with the thing in the
background without anyone noticing that you’re taking a photo of yourself and
a big photo of yourself. But actually, I had so much spray tan on in that television
series that I don’t think I looked recognizable anyway."

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Aeronauts news - new stills, videos and set photo

We're going up, up and away with Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne in The Aeronauts. (x)

Amazon Studios scrapped plans for “The Aeronauts” to have a “full theatrical run,” and
will instead release it at small theaters before streaming the film. The about-face stunned
the movie industry and has raised questions of how the company handles films.

“It’s not how it’s intended to be seen,” he (Tom Harper) said in an interview with
The New York Times last month at the Toronto International Film Festival, where
“The Aeronauts” received a standing ovation. “But it’s a changing world, and I want
people to see the movie. If it were up to me, I’d tell them to see it in the theaters.”


Eddie Redmayne and Tom Harper director on The Aeronauts set
source: EONE (via screendaily)

Todd Lieberman producer interviewed at the Hamptons International Film Festival, where
The Aeronauts made its East Coast Premiere. He said about the training of the two leads:
"Felicity did an extraordinary amount of acrobatic training. Eddie did hypoxia training,
where he went into an oxygen deprivation booth and simulated what it would feel like
to go up to those heights. Then we had a stunt team that would physically train them
both. Felicity took gas ballooning piloting lessons in Germany and all of us, the entire
crew, not as a unit but in different times, we all went up in balloons to feel like what
it would feel like to be at height without protection around us. Needless to say, they did
a lot of training and we, as a crew, all experienced something."

Director Tom Harper will attend the Chicago premiere of The Aeronauts at the 55th Chicago 
International Film Festival! Harper to give post-screening Q&A on Wednesday, October 23! (x)  
Screening Wednesday, October 23 @ 5:45pm. Tickets on sale now!
I thought probably Eddie will be there, but there's no news about his attendance. 

The Rome Film Festival (October 17-27) has unveiled its 2019 official selection, 
which includes 'The Aeronauts' - screenings are on 18th and 20th October.
I have no news about the attendees.

Filming The Trial of the Chicago 7 started in Chicago

hailey_c_ posted this new selfie on Instagram: “Heading into work I get a text
from my boss saying Eddie Redmayne was in my store. She wasn’t kidding 😱” 

Eddie’s in Chicago. The filming of ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7′ has begun on 14th Oct.
with exterior scenes. The true-story drama chronicles the trial surrounding seven
defendants who were arrested following anti-Vietnam War protests that took place in
Chicago during the Democratic Convention in 1968. Eddie plays Tom Hayden. (x)

The star-studded cast includes Joseph Gordon Lewitt (Richard Schultz),
Sacha Baron Cohen (Abbie Hoffman), Jonathan Majors (Bobby Seale),
Jeremy Strong(Jerry Rubin) and Alex Sharp (Rennie Davis). 

(x) - (x)

"maybe you can be an extra in the new Sorkin project about the Chicago 7 being filmed by a conference hotel. Hair, wardrobe and makeup are there." (@ajwms on Twitter)

Backstage reported: "The film’s camp has been set up all week at 30 West Polk St. near Grant Park, and according to the Chicago Film Office, the production will be in town through Oct. 23. ...Production will also head to New Jersey sometime over the filming process, so if you are in either area, be sure to keep an eye on future casting news. Francine Maisler is the casting director.

Akito Miyazaki @akito_miyazaki posted on Twitter: An upcoming film “The Trial of the Chicago 7” is filming right now! The most badass recreation of the 60’s Chicago ever! I have heard from someone’s friend that Seth Rogen was in it. If this is true, I would freak out!

Filming in Chicago @filming_chicago on Twitter: So if you were walking down the street today you might have been a little shocked to see large crowds of unruly hippies on the streets. Don’t panic the CPD has it under control, things will not escalate!

at South Loop, Chicago (x) 

At the end of August Deadline reported that Paramount Pictures has agreed to
distribute the film in the US while Cross Creek has signed on as a co-financier and
producer alongside Amblin Partners. Frank Langella and Mark Rylance have joined
the cast as US District Court Judge Julius Hoffman and defense lawyer William
Kuntsler. They both worked with Eddie before. Frank Langella was his co-star in
the unaired HBO pilot ‘The Miraculous Year’. Mark Rylance worked with Eddie
in theater in 2002, he played Olivia in 'Twelfth Night', and later he portrayed
Sir Thomas Boleyn in ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ movie.