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Eddie Redmayne became Stephen Hawking for the ToE movie - captures, articles, links

edited screencaptures from the trailer and a documentary

The Theory of Everything was screened for entertainment writers in Toronto yesterday. Their reviews are embargoed until Sept. 7, but we got this early preview from the Huffington Post Canada entertainment editor, whose enthusiasm for Eddie Redmayne’s performance could scarcely be contained. - source: bespokeredmayne (x)

Guardian Liberty Voice: Stephen Hawking Movie Covers Everything
...The actor playing Hawking has felt the weight of the part, calling it a “hefty” challenge from a physical and mental standpoint...Redmayne also hopes to achieve the sense of wit and humor a young Hawking had before his disease robbed him of many of those faculties.
The movie itself will not just cover scientific discoveries made by Stephen Hawking, but everything that made him the person he is today. That includes the deep love Stephen and his first wife, Jane, had while both studied at Cambridge University. Jane Hawking, played by Felicity Jones, fell in love with her fellow graduate student, Stephen, only a short time before his diagnosis with A.L.S. in 1963. 
...“Our film is about how they defied all the odds,” Redmayne says.
The director of the film, James Marsh, wanted to have a sense of authenticity run throughout, basing many scenes off archival pictures of Hawking on his wedding day and elsewhere. “We tried to reproduce them as best we could,” Marsh says. Redmayne was studious of the photos, noting the smiling faces on Stephen Hawking that revealed just how happy he was at the wedding. Other pieces of the wedding photos were interesting to Redmayne, as they showed that the disease was already pushing him to decline and taking away his ability to stand....

We Are Movie Geeks: 
J贸hann J贸hannsson Provides The Beautiful Score For Focus Features’ THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING
...The film boasts a beautifully poignant score by J贸hannsson depicting the ups and downs of their love story as Hawking faces a virtual death sentence from ALS.
J贸hannsson’s lovely score includes his signature blend of acoustic instruments and electronics. A keystone composer in the modern classical movement, J贸hannsson is distinguished by his ability to create soundscapes by electronically manipulating orchestral instrumentation, with an emotional range that spans from inspirational to harrowing....
WAMG’s Guide To 100+ Films For Fall / Holiday 2014

still and BTS photo from Theory of Everything
Full HQ here - source: hope72

Huffington Post: All The Movies You'll Want To See This Fall
Why We're Excited: The trailer is incredible and Eddie Redmayne deserves a big, meaty lead role like Stephen Hawking. Bonus excitement: Will the movie detail how Hawking left his wife (played here by Felicity Jones) in 1990 and married his nurse? If not, will that nugget be used during an awards-season smear campaign by another studio?

"The Theory of Everything" has a bit more going for it than just fancy period clothes. Director James Marsh ("Man on Wire") helms the tale of Stephen Hawking, focusing a keen eye on his relationship with his wife Jane. Eddie Redmayne ("Les Miserables") plays the brilliant physicist and Felicity Jones ("Like, Crazy") co-stars as Mrs. Hawking. The fine young actors have a chance to establish themselves even further here, with Redmayne facing the challenges involved with portraying a highly intelligent man who's also mad with love and physically limited.

Director James Marsh has scarcely put a foot wrong in his eclectic career thus far, so one dares to have real hopes for The Theory of Everything, starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones as Stephen Hawking and his wife.

The Boston Globe: Even minus a few premieres, still plenty to see in Toronto
...the not-well-enough-known Eddie Redmayne (“Les Miserables”) as renowned physicist Stephen Hawking in his early days... (via @bespokeredmayne)

Video: EmilyWatson - Theory Of Everything - Exclusive Chat (brief interview with trailer parts)

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'Richard II.' co-star nominated Eddie again - photos by Hugo Glendinning and more

Eddie’s already done the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge! 
Now he’s been nominated again by Andrew Buchan.

He nominated Eddie Redmayne, Matt Smith 
and a friend from the University.

The photos were taken in December 2011 
by Hugo Glendinning
Photoshoot for "Richard II"

The fair cousins…

I searched other pics on the web to my post and found a few photos and gifs from the Richard II rehearsal and show 
in an Andrew.Buchan fanblog -  Andrew's Law: An Andrew Buchan Fansite (x)

A lovely (new to me) pic from the rehearsals for Richard II

Andrew Buchan’s Bolingbroke has got the best ‘for fuck’s sake’ face…
(Richard II, Donmar Warehouse) - video

Fan adventure: I went to see Richard II in London.Yeah, the play with Andrew Buchan and Eddie Redmayne in.
And I came back home with this... These guys are so sweet and even more hotter in the flesh. And so TALL !
As for the play, it is really amazing & the cast is perfect. One of the best I’ve seen so far! -queenofthehub

Richard II Opening Night After Party 6th Dec. 2011 - gallery

A brilliant review of Hollow Crown and its comparison with the Donmar production.

Thanks to July @the3rdRoom for the idea!


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Saturday's fanpics - out in London and Old Vic Theatre visit

*fave* not *face* ! He has an AMAZING face though… (x)

Eddie at the Old Vic Theatre 

Eddie Redmayne at @oldvictheatre, so "effortlessly sexy" this fan was "weak at the knees."

An other tweet from Emma: So, the first time we saw The Crucible @MaxD9 was there 
and tonight Eddie Redmayne was watching it too :D Marvellous

Official page of the show - Arthur Miller: Crucible starring Richard Armitage
The Guardian review: The Crucible review – full of raw, visceral power
The Independent: The Crucible, Old Vic, review: 'Unmissable'
Huffingtonpost: Utterly Bewitching: The Crucible, The Old Vic Review

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The Lion Press Night

Eddie Redmayne attended the Press night of TheLion on 21st August in London. Hannah and his brother Tom Redmayne was there with him too.

About the show:
...The show, directed by Sean Daniels, is described in press materials as featuring "one man, six guitars and an incredible story of love, loss and survival."...

Review from Christopher Hong (ThePublicReviews)
...This is a performance at its simplest: just Scheuer and six guitars, telling us about his life. It is also storytelling and music at its best: direct, entertaining and engaging.

  …Yep that’s a pretty solid standing ovation. Many congrats @BenjaminScheuer @seandaniels (x)
Benjamin Scheuer and Eddie Redmayne at post-show party for The Lion
at St_James Studio (photography by @BronwenSharp) (x)

Update 24th August:
via @bespokeredmayne Eddie and Hannah at 0:39
This is the first time I heard Hannah's voice

gif source: sirredmayne

Sean DanielsVeronika Duerr and Eddie Redmayne at opening of The Lion (x)

Update 26th August:
...ASCAP Cole Porter Award winner Benjamin Scheuer returns to St. James Studio with his brilliant solo musical show, which sold out there under its original title The Bridge last October, following an award-winning premiere season at the Edinburgh Fringe....The article contains photos of Scheuer and company celebrating at the St. James!

School Chums - Alex Manvor, Ivo Stourton, Benjamin Scheuer and Eddie Redmayne
On 27th February Eddie attended Ivo Stourton's book launch (x)
The title of the book: The Happier Dead - description here
Benjamin Scheuer, Peter Baynton (Radish Pictures) and Eddie Redmayne
The Lion: An interview with director Peter Baynton (with the award winning video short)

Friday, August 22, 2014

First poster for The Theory of Everything

His Mind Changed Our World. Her Love Changed His. 
First poster for James Marsh’s The Theory of Everything,
with Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne released yesterday. (x)
The theorems look to play second fiddle to the love story
...The marketing from Focus Features, however, is making it very clear that this is a love story first and foremost. 
The trailer set that construct up a few weeks ago and today it's made all the more obvious as Hawking's theorems 
and whatnot literally play in the background of a romantic encounter with his wife Jane on the film's official poster...
..Felicity Jones could slide over as a lead push; she apparently has the screen time to justify it. Point being: this is obviously going to be a bit of a two-hander, and a showcase, certainly, for Eddie Redmayne's performance.

...Once a healthy, active young man, Hawking received an earth-shattering diagnosis at 21 years of age. With Jane fighting tirelessly by his side, Stephen embarks on his most ambitious scientific work, studying the very thing he now has precious little of – time. Together, they defy impossible odds, breaking new ground in medicine and science, and achieving more than they could ever have dreamed.

The Hollywood News:
New ‘The Theory Of Everything’ Poster
If you watch the trailer for THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING and feel nothing, watch it again you crazy heartless mad person...

Wind back the clock. - gifs source: sirredmayne - Thanks!
Interview Magazine:
(detailed comparison of the two films based on the trailers)
...Both films will premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival. Both focus on the lives and history behind two of science's biggest names. But preliminary looks at both films indicate The Imitation Game has more psychological depth, its characters more flawed, than The Theory of Everything. Both are worth a watch, especially for a vivid narrative on an otherwise dense historical figure. But The Imitation Game focuses on a lesser-known character and its cast appears more promising, putting it ahead of The Theory of Everything in our to-watch list.
Winner: The Imitation Game
My thoughts: 
Both movies seems interesting. I think in the trailer of The Theory of Everything the focus is on the romance, and doesn't show the characters full depth and flaws, the causes that led to their divorce. I'm sure these aren't left out 
from the film. Which is the better movie? I think it cannot be judged based on the trailers. 
Let's get back to this question after the premieres. I want to see both. 
I'm romantic and redmayniac, so I'm more interested in The Theory of Everything.

Post by Joanna Goddard: The Theory of Everything via (x)

...The trailer focuses on their romance, but, in real life, their marriage also grew complicated. If you're curious, check out this fascinating NPR post. Here's a quote from Jane herself:
"I had two tiny babies, I was running the home and looking after Stephen full time: dressing, bathing, and he refused to have any help with that other than from me. I thought that to coerce him into taking these measures would have been too cruel. One of the great battles was getting Stephen to use a wheelchair. I'd be going out with Stephen on one arm, carrying the baby in the other, and the toddler running alongside. Well, it was hopeless because the toddler would run off and I would be unable to chase. So that kind of thing made life rather impossible."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Eddie with Jamie Dornan

Eddie and Jamie help to raise awarenes
of motor neurone disease
by taking on the ice cold 
#IceBucketChallenge for @mndassoc.

Eddie Redmayne & Jamie Dornan taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge - source: xoxoeddie

Two more gifs from sirredmayne

Donate to the ALS/MND cause!
JustJared: Jamie Dornan Accepts Eddie Redmayne's Ice Bucket Challenge - Watch Now!
Many celebrities took part in the challenge - You find more celebrity videos here
Celebrities taking part in the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS - gifs from rubyredwisp
RadioTimes: Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmayne do the Ice Bucket Challenge TOGETHER
HELLO: Jamie Dornan teams up with Eddie Redmayne for Ice Bucket Challenge

MND Assoc VIP Team nominated Eddie and Jamie: 
So as promised earlier...Hollywood stars Eddie Redmayne & @JamieDornan do the #IceBucketChallenge for
#MND  (x) Eddie and MND related Tweets (Feb 17Mar 28Apr 4Apr 11Jun 6)

Zoe Ball also nominated Eddie Redmayne and Jamie Dornan yesterday - her video is here