Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year! - Theory of Everything

The facebook photos of Woking Title about the fireworks and champagne inspired me to choose this topic today.
I wish you all a Happy New Year with a compilation of Eddie Redmayne photos from the set of Theory of Everything.

Working Title set photos from facebook
eddieredmayne.ru gallerie and Twitter.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Eddie kid - Attitude Magazine June 2008

Here are two breathtaking portraits of Eddie Redmayne by Laura Alice Hart for Attitude Magazine

Magazine scans - Look at the headline!

If you want to read the article here on the screen, click on the pictures below for bigger size!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Can I sketch you? - practical art in Eddie's projects

Art features prominently in the life of Eddie Redmayne. He loves the visual arts and drawing, that's why he studied art history in Cambridge. Here are some captures from his films in which he draws sketches.

The Pillars of the Earth


A Hot Young Actor from Britain Paints the Town ‘Red’ 
excerpt from Isa Goldberg's interview - April 23, 2010 ( x )
Q: I’ve read that you’re colorblind.
A: This is true. I’m what is called red-green colorblind. I confuse different tones of reds with browns and greens and grays. So it’s weird. I studied history of art at (Cambridge) University which everybody thinks is very odd, given that I’m colorblind. People assume that you see in black and white, but it’s not that at all. It’s an occasional muddling of colors.
Q: What drew you to studying art history?
A: I don’t know, man. I was very lucky when I was younger. London has, like New York, the most extraordinary art collections. My mom was always interested in art and she would take me to the Tate and the Courtauld Institute and some of these great places. But I started by enjoying practical art. So I suppose it was through the practical art side of it that I got into the history of it.
Q: You started out by being an artist yourself?
A: To a certain extent. I’ve never been very good, but I’ve enjoyed it. While I’ve been doing “Red,” I’ve been living in the East Village and I’ve bought myself a lot of canvas and paint. My intent is – you know that canvas that Ken has, his painting – by the end of the run, I want to fill my canvas with what I think Ken’s painting would be. At the moment I’m just experimenting – quite appallingly.

Excerpt from The Telegraph interview about "Red"( x ):
...The entire production is set in Rothko’s Bowery studio in New York, and Redmayne will have to mix paints on stage. 'We will see how qualified I am to do that,’ he says. 'Hopefully, it won’t be too embarrassing. It will be fun for the audience to watch us crush pigments, cook paints, and prime canvases. That’ll be luscious. I imagine the Donmar is going to stink of white spirit for the next three months.’
'I don’t want to be irritating about it, but this is the dream job for me,’ says Redmayne, 27, who graduated in 2003 in history of art from Trinity College, Cambridge. Acting and art have been his two passions since childhood.
Eddie Redmayne about living in New York when he did the play "Red" on Broadway ( x ):
I was living in the East Village in a great little flat by Astor Place, and I’d always had this romantic dream about living in New York at some point. When I was living in New York, I had this slightly wannabe bohemian existence and took up painting, at which I’m appalling. I also bought several guitars.

Powder Blue
Excerpt from Hope's report about meeting Eddie Redmayne after the Richard II show on 01.01.2012

(full report here)
- May I ask you a couple of questions? - I asked while he was signing for me.
- Sure – he stops and looks directly at me, waiting, as if there is no one else around. I didn't expect him to do this I thought he'd be still signing for other people while answering.
- In Powder Blue your character had all those drawings on the wall.
- Yes – Still looking into my eyes, smiling
- Did you do them?
- Yes – Smiling with pleasure at me
- Was it your idea to do them or that was in the script?
- A little bit of both
- Thank you! May I have a picture with you?
- Of course

For a bigger size click on the pictures!
Update: The Danish Girl
I was lucky to be a part of a conference call for fan bloggers during The Danish Girl promo and I asked him if he did some painting for the movie. He answered:
"I did some drawings and a wee bit of painting to try to get what Einar’s, or Lili when she was living as Einar, what her technique was. Alicia and I talked a lot about the difference between the way those two artists painted, and certainly in the set design in that scene when we are in the artist studio Gerda’s character has a flamboyant kind of mess of a corner as were as Lili’s corner is much more ordered. And the way she paints when she’s living as Einar is very … I wanted it to be very controlled because Lana Wachowski has described how Einar’s paintings would always go back to painting subject-matter, researching into the parts really. I did a wee bit of drawing and painting to try and work out how she might have painted when she was Einar. And it was interesting for Alicia as well because she just shot Tulip Fever and she had played an artist in that as well. It’s always fun playing artists.

Some images are cropped, I used captures from Eddie Redmayne Spain Galeria and made captures myself as well.
Red promo photo by Hugo Glendinning (source: eddieredmayne.ru) (x)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jack Jackson - stonemason, sculptor

I didn't post enough about the Pillars of the Earth yet. I saw Eddie Redmayne first in this series. The book is one of
my favorites and I was excited when it was adapted on TV screen. Here are some screencaps (some of them are cropped) about Jack's work as a stonemason (sculptor). Screencaps source: Eddie Redmayne Spain galeria


The Pillars of the Earth - ep 104 "Battlefield". Waleran (Ian McShane) and Jack (Eddie Redmayne)
exchange "words" about Jack's family.

On the set of POTE - gif source sirredmayne

Post about the Pillars of the Earth by buttered toast (full post here)
And that’s about all the effort I’m willing to put in trying to disguise this post for what it really is. I just love Eddie Redmayne’s role here so much I just can’t anymore! This is a quick Jack the Builder appreciation post.
So he’s a bastard of a french bard of some sort and a novice nun. He starts off mute or just severely anti-social, having grown up alone in the woods with his mother but as the story progresses you’ll see he has a spine-tingling perfect kind of speaking voice (POTE interview).

Then he apprentices as a stonemason, tries his hand in sculpting and studies geometry and architecture and becomes a masterbuilder. Very smart and talented. Valiant and strong-willed and — I remember joking that in a perfect future I’d be muse to a tall, lean, muscular sculptor with perfect teeth and pelvic lines…let’s just say I’m not quite kidding about that anymore. Man
And I like how he’s a non-gay kind of guarded and hesitant to a girl he likes like this character Kvothe in my current favorite book, The Name of the Wind. Look at the way he tries to explain his craft to Aliena in this episode. Every girl, WATCH THAT CLIP.

Jack Jackson on Wikia

Friday, December 27, 2013

Eddie on Boxing Day - new photos and family tradition

New photos about Eddie Redmayne from Twitter and Instagram. Based on the pictures I think Eddie knows
this nice family. Maybe they are his friends or neighbors?

Boxing Day drinks with Eddie Redmayne - Leona Mani - source ( x ) via sirredmayne
Eddie with Anoushka and Pria Mani - source ( x ) via sirredmayne

Something about Leona Mani - As the managing director of BestFairtrade.com, Leona aims to raise awareness 
of the huge range of Fairtrade products available and also to promote smaller businesses. 
After graduating in International Business, Leona worked in Hong Kong and India where she gained first hand experience of trading in the textile industry. Leona is also a governor of a C of E primary school in Central London. 
She is the founder of My Fabulous Collection (Unique Luxury Gifts Online)

Holiday tradition in the family

"Every Christmas Eve, the actor Eddie Redmayne cooks a ham. He tends to this ham with the utmost care and devotion, adding a little brown sugar here; a few more cloves there. It takes him hours, if not a whole day. For those of us who partake regularly of the Redmayne ham – he and I go back a long way – and it seems to get better every Christmas, as if he’s been quietly, stealthily striving to improve the recipe all year round. Yet no matter how magnificent it tastes, how tenderly it melts in the mouth, he will brook no compliments of the ham. Invariably, he will instead point out what he could, should have done better."
- Clemency Burton-Hill

( x )
I enjoy getting mustard and sugar and... smothering... it's the best.
Youtube video link: POPSUGAR interview

What is Boxing Day? Why is it Called Boxing Day?