Thursday, September 9, 2021

ATG Summer Party on Monday evening

Eddie and Hannah attended the ATG Summer party at Kensington
Palace Gardens in London on 6th September. Mark Cornell and
Sienna Miller presented the Ambassador Theatre Group’s event
with an auction that raised £90,000 for the Theatre Artists Fund.

Eddie wore a green Gucci vest.

Photos by Dave Bennett via Daily Mail

He also posed for photographers alongside Rebecca Frecknall,
director of Eddie's new theatre project Cabaret
at the Kit Kat Club (Playhouse Theatre London)

 Photo of Eddie with Gary Smith cartoonist posted by Gary Comenas on IG.
He wrote: "My dear, dear, dear friend GARY the cartoonist
with flippin' #eddieredmayne! at party honouring #sammendes yesterday.
Love that vest. GARY is a great cartoonist - you'll recognize his stuff if you
go to his profile and follow him. I ❤ Eddie Redmayne! So talented.


Cool observation by @roge0331 on IG and Twitter
Eddie and Hannah in matching shirts 😍💕
The ATG Summer Party / SAG Awards Virtual Red Carpet
📷 David M. Benett (Getty:1235091257) / 
Amy Komorowski (@akgroomer on Instagram)

Thursday, September 2, 2021

New photo - shopping in Malton


Eddie in Food 2 Remember in Malton (Yorkshire, England)
Looking good Mr. Redmayne  😍

Food2Remember posted today on Twitter and Instagram: "Nice
to see this great bloke here at Food 2 Remember in this morning"

'Eddie Redmayne was among the first through the door at
Food 2 Remember in Malton at about 9am today (September 2)
where father and son team, Paul and Kieran Potts were behind
the counter serving customers in their well-known local
butcher and fish mongers.

Paul said at first he didn't recognize the star, but his son was quicker
off the mark. He said: "I was talking to him and didn't know who
he was, but Kieran realized and asked if he'd mind having a photo.

"He was really nice and down to earth, he didn't say why he was
in Malton, but he bought some chicken before he went. I think
he was interested in the fact that all our food is locally sourced."'