Sunday, July 24, 2022

First look of The Good Nurse in Vanity Fair

Photo by JoJo Whilden

Vanity Fair published the preview article by Rebecca Ford with new stills by JoJo Whilden.
In the article the stars and director tell us about the characters and about working on the movie
with this wonderful cast and crew. 

The author of the novel Charles Graeber shared it on Twitter with this comment:
"A mere 7 years in the research and writing of the book and another 9 in the adaptation, 
TheGoodNurseBk is scheduled for Fall @NetflixFilm via @VanityFair: First Look
at ‘The Good Nurse’: Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne in True-Crime Thriller"

Screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns wrote in her Instagram post:
#TheGoodNurse is coming to @netflixfilm this fall/autumn. Working on this
film, writing this script, has been such a privilege. This story matters. Adapting
@charlesgraeber‘s incredible book (go and buy it right now.) Getting to know and
tell the story of one of the most amazing women I’ve ever even met, a real hero,
@amythegoodnurse Working with the incredible director #TobiasLindholm and then
getting to be on set and watch two of the finest actors bring the script to life
@jessicachastain & #eddieredmayne with some of NY’s finest film crew.
As we say in Scotland HWFG.

Photos via @netflix

Here are some quotes from the Vanity Fair article:

“From an actor’s point of view, [it was about] trying to interrogate why—why this person
did what he did, with the acknowledgement that you were never going to find that answer,”
says Redmayne. “But the interrogation of it was pretty intriguing.”

“I’ve been in these big ensemble pieces—grand, symphony things where, as an actor,
you’re playing one instrument—but I thought this would be more like improvisational
jazz,” says Redmayne. “And working with someone as brilliant as Jessica was exactly
what I was looking for.”

Both Chastain and Redmayne went to “nursing school” and studied footage of their
real-life counterparts, along with reading Graeber’s book. Redmayne found the book
to be an especially useful tool as he prepared to play Cullen. 
“He’s using metaphor and visual imagery, which I find interesting because when
you’re playing someone real, it’s never going to be facsimile, it’s always going
to be a step away from the truth,” says Redmayne. “It was also interesting to hear
what Charles’s impression of the man was—the little things, like, he describes
Charlie as almost looking like a question mark.”

Redmayne reunited with movement coach Alexandra Reynolds, whom he worked with
for his Oscar-winning role in The Theory of Everything, to master how he would move
as Cullen. “She noticed that actually it was almost like he was being held up by the label
on the back of his shirt—that’s where all the tension was placed, and that was interesting
to investigate something physically,” says Redmayne, adding that he had no contact
with the real-life Cullen, who is serving 17 consecutive life sentences in New Jersey
State Prison in Trenton.

Redmayne transforms completely in the role, not only dropping his British accent for
a New Jersey lilt but shifting his entire body. “There’s a thing he does at a table where
his fingers clutch the top of a desk almost like a spider—it’s exactly something from
interviews [with Cullen]. What he does in this movie is astounding,” says Chastain.

“I come from the U.K. where there is health care that’s universal and not for profit,”
says Redmayne. “When the hospitals are set up for profit, people can get careful and
lawyers make decisions that are protecting the business and not necessarily the people,
and I do think that was one of the reasons that Charlie was able to move from hospital
to hospital without interrogation or inquiry.”

“I thought that this is what Robert Benton must have felt like when he did
‘Kramer vs. Kramer,’” says filmmaker Tobias Lindholm,
“having these best actors of their generation right in front of him.” (x)

Photo via Netflix

The Good Nurse drops this fall on Netflix.
Can't wait to see it💗

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Intofilm Awards 2022

The 2022 Into Film Awards took place on Tuesday 28 June at London's
ODEON Luxe Leicester Square, celebrating the best and brightest young
filmmaking talent from across the UK, as well as championing inspiring
teachers and incredible Into Film Clubs. Into Film Ambassadors Eddie
Redmayne and Jack Lowden presented the CHANGES FOR A BETTER
WORLD AWARD  to Greta McMillan for her film 'Change Direction'

Photos from (1) (2)

A selfie posted by Nik Roseveare on Instagram

You find a short video by @wildandformdigital on Instagram here

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Sunday, July 3, 2022

London Art Fair visit with Hannah

Source: Langylangypoo via @shr_burg

New photos of Eddie and Hannah out and about this weekend at the London Art Fair.

Thanks to Ss and JaniceShen for sharing their photos with Eddie.