Thursday, December 22, 2022

News on the Cabaret Cast Album

We have an official release date for Cabaret’s cast album!!

Ahead of the full 2021 Cast Recording launching on Friday 20, January 2023,
two initial numbers, “Willkommen” and “Mein Herr”, featuring Redmayne
and Buckley, are available to listen to on Streaming Platforms now.

My gifs from the video posted on 🎥 Cabaret at Kit Kat Club IG Stories

Listen to the first track with Eddie's singing below

 'Willcommen' · 2021 London Cast of Cabaret · Eddie Redmayne
Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

The track listing is as follows:
1. Willkommen (Eddie Redmayne as ‘The Emcee’)
2. So What (Liza Sadovy as ‘Fraulein Schneider’)
3. Don’t Tell Mama (Jessie Buckley as ‘Sally Bowles’)
4. Mein Herr (Jessie Buckley)
5. Perfectly Marvellous (Jessie Buckley)
6. Two Ladies (Eddie Redmayne)
7. It Couldn’t Please Me More (Liza Sadovy)
8. Tomorrow Belongs To Me (Eddie Redmayne)
9. Maybe This Time (Jessie Buckley)
10. Money (Eddie Redmayne)
11. Married (Liza Sadovy)
12. Tomorrow Belongs To Me (Reprise)
13. Kickline
14. If You Could See Her (Eddie Redmayne)
15. What Would You Do? (Liza Sadovy)
16. I Don’t Care Much (Eddie Redmayne)
17. Cabaret (Jessie Buckley)
18. Finale (Eddie Redmayne)

You can check the new cast' Royal Variety performance here

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Ruthie's Table 4 podcast

Ruthie's Table 4 podcast shared these nice photos on Instagram

Eddie was a guest on the podcast hosted by Ruthie Rogers. She wrote:
"A year ago, I used every bit of access and influence to get tickets to Cabaret
for one reason only - to see Eddie Redmayne the star of the show. And last
week, conquering my enormous fear of being afraid, I watched him in The
Good Nurse and was unnerved how beautifully he made a mass murderer
not only empathetic, but almost loveable. All of us in The River Café know
Eddie as an enthusiastic eater. On this episode we discuss his life through
food but not before we put him to work in the kitchen, fulfilling his life’s
dream and making pizzas with our chef, Jessica Filbey."

Eddie shared some personal food-related stories from his life.
He also talked about his family, favorite foods, and cooking.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Actors on Actors with Ana de Armas

Variety's Actors on Actors Day 4: Ana de Armas and Eddie talk all about Marilyn and more.

Ana de Armas and Eddie Redmayne for Variety,
photographed by Alexi Lubomirski. (via)

photo by Alexi Lubomirski (via Variety on Twitter)

Ana de Armas and Eddie cover Variety’s Actors On Actors issue. (via)
Photos by Alexi Lubomirski for Variety

Variety Actors on Actors presented by Amazon Studios

You can read the transcript in the
Ana de Armas and Eddie Redmayne Bond Over Marilyn Monroe’s
Dark Side and Choosing Roles ‘Far Away From What You Look Like’

"I was astounded by your work in Blonde, It felt like you ripped open
your soul for the sake of Marilyn."

"But still terrifying when the person you’re playing is going to watch your work.
There comes a moment when you have to go, “This isn’t a documentary.
I’m getting it wrong. I’m just going to do my best and give my heart to it.”

"The weird thing about our jobs is going from job to job, city to city,
and to these new families that you make. To do our job, you have to
be vulnerable, and you become very close to people very quickly.
There’s such a complexity to that."

“I’m not Method at all. But when I arrived on the set, the director,
Tobias Lindholm, had my wrist locked up...”

"It wasn't a story about a serial killer. It was a story about
a relationship between these two people."

"I have no idea who I am." (public self and private self)

“I always say to young actors who are at drama school or university,
‘Play as far away from what you look like as you can. Because
the second you get into the real industry, you will be playing to type,’”

The quotes and my screenshots are from the video of the conversation

Saturday, December 3, 2022

GQ Germany Men of the Year Awards in Berlin

Eddie Redmayne dazzled the red carpet in a sparkling sheer turtleneck at the
GQ Men of the Year Awards at Kant-Garagen in Berlin on December 1, 2022

Eddie won the "Best International Actor of the Year" Award

Eddie's acceptance speech is here on Instagram and on facebook

Eddie and David Alaba at the event (x)

Eddie and Diane Kruger were both among the honorees at the event.

Photos on Weibo (1) (2)

Who is the hottest guy on Earth according to Eddie?

Photoshoot in Zurich by Sven Bänziger

The photographer posted photos and a short BTS video on his Instagram. 

@sven_baenziger: "The great Eddie Redmayne portrayed @zurichfilmfestival!.
thanks #eddieredmayne , @flavio.leone , @rafael_soldani , @l_anahi_p
@bauraulac @zurichfilmfestival grooming @petransellge
thanks for the retouching @suesstrunk_jericke
thanks for the equipment @nomad_rent..."

"The idea behind this picture was to show the different faces of a person in one moment.
Eddie's character in "The good Nurse" shows an extreme example of a person with
different sides masterfully portrayed by him." (x)

Update: Another beautiful image posted by the photographer on Instagram

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Eddie's Essentials for GQ Germany

There are a few things GQ Man of the Year and The Good Nurse star Eddie Redmayne
can't live without: from a Prada cardigan he stole from a photo shoot to a tennis racquet
he's owned from the age of 14 and which he still enjoys playing with, to the paint box
and brushes he uses to pass the time on the film set – here are the Academy Award
winner’s 10 essentials for GQ Germany.

My collage and screenshots from the video