Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Omega celebrates the 125th anniversary of the brand's name with Eddie

The Oscar winning actor and OMEGA ambassador Eddie Redmayne 
introduces the 125th anniversary of the OMEGA name - telling the
story of the extraordinary 19-ligne “OMEGA” calibre. He even
shares a few personal tips on how to wear a pocket watch.

The video was probably recorded during Eddie’s OMEGA Ginza Boutique visit
in Japan in November 2018

my screenshots

Let's admire the watch and Eddie's beautiful hands

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Filming 'The Aeronauts today in London

Eddie Redmayne filming The Aeronauts today (Jan. 21st, 2019) in London.

 Video by @kamenmuha on IG (via Eddie Redmayne Web @edredmayneus on Twitter)

 Video by @kamenmuha on IG (via Eddie Redmayne Web @edredmayneus on Twitter)

My last info was, that the filming was wrapped the day when Eddie was hurt. This is a surprise for me.

 Source: @snowflake_amanda via Eddie Redmayne Web

photo on the right via @__eddie8oct2018 on IG ...

“It’s pretty amazing, actually, because you go up so gently it’s not quite as scary as you think it’s going to be because it’s a slow incline, but then suddenly you’re 2,000 feet up looking out of the balloon and thinking, ‘Wow, it is actually quite high up here.’” - Felicity Jones