Monday, January 30, 2017

C&TH Magazine interview with new photos

Interview by Lucy Cleland in the February 2017 Gentleman's Issue (via eddie-redmayne-italian-blog)
About Time: C&TH Meets Eddie Redmayne (excerpts)

‘You have no expectations as to what it might be,’ says Eddie about his OBE
‘We arrived [at Windsor Castle] and we went up the longest, straightest road in the 
world and there was fog across it. It was beautiful. Inside people were dressed in 
blue cloaks with scarlet collars, and you got to meet all the soldiers, and the castle 
looked amazing with all its Christmas decorations. It was all a bit overwhelming.’

On becoming a father…‘It’s such a cliché, but the only negative is the sleep 
deprivation. One night Iris slept all the way through and we were like, “Our lives 
have returned!”, only we got sucker punched the next night by being woken at all 
hours. But despite that, you can go into her room mildly furious and then there’s 
this massive grin waiting for you and all is forgiven.’ Eddie wrapped up filming 
for Fantastic Beasts last March so has been very much around for Iris’ first few 
months, but whereas many new parents might not dare leave the house for a while, 
he and Hannah were happy to fly out to the Rio Olympics with Iris at just eight 
weeks old. ‘There was a slightly worrying moment when we were on the plane 
with lots of Olympians and there was the fear that Iris would keep them up and 
screw up their medal chances, but they seemed to do ok!’

On art & style… Away from the screen, Eddie is a collector of art ‘in the most gentle 
way’. ‘I’ve got a couple of prints and drawings but nothing of any value. I’m quite badly 
educated on contemporary art, although we do always go to Frieze Masters, which I really 
enjoy.’ And where did he get his best-dressed-list style from? ‘I definitely have not always 
been – or will always be – a well-dressed person. A lot of it came down to the Burberry 
campaign I did. I went for a fitting and the clothes were so tightly tailored that I was like 
“whoa!”, but when I saw the photos I realised that the suit looked so much better so that 
changed my take on tailoring.’ He’s a fan of Prada, naturally, but also name checks Gucci, 
McQueen and Hardy Amies as his go-to designers

Eddie and Hannah live in Borough, south London, and he likes ‘the fact that it’s really 
central but can also be very quiet at weekends’. He loves going to the theatre (the 
Young Vic being a particular favourite) and museums, but mostly his free time is spent 
‘keeping his child alive’. The couple also rent a ‘battered old farmhouse’ in the Midlands, 
which they’re slowly bringing back to life. 

Would we ever lose him to Hollywood? ‘I didn’t love LA at first because if you’re 
used to being someone who walks, you’re screwed. But after going for 12 or 13 years 
I have a great affection for it, although, as an actor, your outlook is coloured by 
whether you’re having success or not because it’s such a one-industry place.’

Eddie Redmayne is an ambassador for OMEGA watches and 
the face of the OMEGA Constellation Globemaster collection.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

‘Fantastic Beasts’ DVD, Blu-ray release date, special features announced

Fantastic Beasts will be released digitally on March 7, then on DVD and Blu-ray on March 28.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ DVD, Blu-ray special features:
  • Before Harry Potter: A New Era of Magic Begins! Join J.K. Rowling as she, David Yates and David Heyman return to Leavesden Studios to build a new and exciting corner of the wizarding universe.
  • Character featurettes: The Magizoologist, The Goldstein Sisters, The New Salemers, The No-Maj Baker, The President and the Auror
  • Creature featurettes: Creatures, Meet the Fantastic Beasts, Bowtruckle, Demiguise, Erumpent, Niffler, Occamy, Thunderbird
  • Design: Shaping the World of Fantastic Beasts (360°), New York City (360°), MACUSA (360°), Newt’s Magical Case (360°), The Shaw Banquet, The Blind Pig (360°)
  • Deleted Scenes (11 scenes)
The digital edition of Fantastic Beasts will not include any of the special features, so we’ll have to wait until late March to get our hands on those deleted scenes. (Source)

Ilvermorny song deleted scene from Fantastic Beast

The Fantastic Beasts deleted scene, which’ll appear on the just-announced DVD / Blu-ray, debuted at A Celebration
of Harry Potter on Saturday night. Story wise, the scene comes right after Queenie and Newt briefly discuss the latter’s old love, Leta Lestrange. This scene also includes Jacob’s (Dan Fogler’s improvised) “I wanna be a Wizard” line, which appeared in lots of promotional material but didn’t appear in the film. Adorably, several of Newt’s beasts gather ’round to hear the ladies sing the song. Too bad it was cut it’s cute!
The scene is also available on Periscope, as part of the Evening Tibute video from the HPCelebration.
(Source: hypable via bespokeredmayne)

Eddie Redmayne, Alison Sudol, Katherine Waterston and Dan Fogler in the deleted scene,
(my screenshots from the video)

The song was written by Alison Sudol and J.K. Rowling
The scene will be available on the DVD / Blu-ray

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Fantastic Beasts Audiobook read by Newt aka Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne has lent his voice to the new audio book version of the Hogwarts Library book
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

'The demiguise - particular favorite' - The Demiguise is found in the Far East, though only with great difficulty, for 
this beast is able to make itself invisible when threatened, and can be seen only by wizards skilled in it's capture.

‘Ladies and gentlemen: the Niffler, I'd frankly just talk about the Niffler all day.’
The Niffler is a british beast, Fluffy, black and long-snouted, this burrowing 
creature has a predilection for anything glittery

‘Ah, the Erumpent.’ The erumpent's horn can pierce everything from skin to metal,
and contains a deadly fluid, which will cause whatever it's injected with to explode.

 (my screenshots from the video above)
my gifset on tumblr
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The description of Eddie Redmayne’s Fantastic Beasts audio book 

Release date March 14. Available for pre-order at Amazon and Audible.
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While doing the recording of the book at Audible, Redmayne told the company about his experience bringing his interpretation of Scamander into the studio. Before I was cast in the film, [director] David Yates told me about Newt and this textbook,” he said. “I found it so funny and so enchanting and really wittily written. But it wasn’t until I started reading it out loud for the audiobook that I realized how tricky and poetic J.K. Rowling’s use of sounds and language can be. There are some really great tongue twister words in here! Occasionally, I had to stop recording just because I was incapable of saying the words without either laughing or getting my tongue in a muddle. I enjoyed the challenge and hope listeners can sense that in my narration.”

Updated on 29 January 2017

Eddie's message for fans at A Celebration of Harry Potter in Orlando

He couldn’t attend the event in person so he put together a special video message just for fans.

A specially recorded message from Eddie Redmayne to fans has just been screened at
A Celebration of Harry Potter in Orlando. Friday, 27 January 2017

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Freedom of the City honour and Q&A session in the Livery Hall

guildhallevents: Today we had the pleasure of hosting an Eddie Redmayne Q&A 
session in our beautiful Livery Hall! #QuestionTime #EddieRedmayne #Eventprofs
(Guildhall, London on Friday 27 January 2017)

Repost from 0babybaby: You know your job is raaandom when you’re asked 
to bodyguard 🎬Eddie Redmayne🎥 last minute 😂

Eddie Redmayne received his Freedom of the City today. (x)
The Freedom of the City is an honour bestowed by a municipality upon a valued member
of the community, or upon a visiting celebrity or dignitary. Arising from the medieval practice
of granting respected citizens freedom from serfdom, the tradition still lives on in countries
such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand ...
In modern society, the award of honorary freedom of the city or borough tends to be entirely
ceremonial, given by the local government in many towns and cities on those who have served
in some exceptional capacity, or upon any whom the city wishes to bestow an honour. (x)

hellofreemens: Meeting #eddieredmayne #guildhallevents @guildhall today #freedomofthecity
Drama students got to hang out with Eddie Redmayne (via bespokeredmayne)
Sixth form drama students got to hang out with Eddie Redmayne in the Guildhall today
in a Q&A session prior to Eddie's Freedom of the City ceremony.(x) (x)

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Update February 2st, 2017 : 

Eddie's mum, dad and wife also attended the ceremony.

The honour was conferred at Guildhall, much to the pleasure of several staff,
and is awarded after the recipient is nominated by two members of
one of the City’s 110 liveries, or by being themselves a member. (x)